29 January 2015

Taking Our Power Back! ~ Katelon Jeffereys ~ 28 January 2015

Katelon Jeffereys shares her insight into the unseen powers (that are weakening!) manipulating Humanity; she also details a couple of rituals you can perform to help reclaim your power from specific individuals with whom you've had a victim experience.

What I specifically like in Katelon's post is that she spells out very clearly something that I've found myself explaining to a number of people quite recently:

I have read some metaphysical authors talk about the belief that if each individual just faced and healed their own darkness, the world would heal and we could just then move forward in a light based world.  I used to believe that, too, but now, although I believe that is part of the equation, I don’t believe it is the only part.

That is exactly my own experience. Yes, we need to do our inner work, raise our vibrations, shine our Light. All that is imperative if we are on the our own spiritual path and we are working towards our own individual Ascension. It would take many years, if not a few generations, until Humanity as a collective makes the shift. If we are looking to see a Planetary shift, with Humanity as a whole in tow, in a relatively short period of time, then individual inner work alone is not enough.

For those who feel guided to do so, there's more "work". While our inner work impacts the morphogenetic fields, there exists the external work required, for those who are called to this mission. The work of clearing the external, be it vortices, portals, ley-lines, sacred sites and yes...even the Dark beings themselves. More specifically, as in Katelon and John Ross' mission, working to bring on the Dark's  surrender, first in the etheric and then manifesting on the physical. All who are involved in performing their external missions in various ways will expedite the process of shifting completely into the Light, or as John and Katelon have called it, "the timeline of Oneness".

And let's not forget all that non-Terran assistance we have been continuously receiving!

OK that intro was way longer than I had intended :/  Please go straight to Katelon's site to read her update :)

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