10 January 2015

Temporal Shifts and Unified Light Timeline and Symbol to Upgrade Energy System ~ Jose Sanchez ~ 9 January 2015

Source: Absolute Radiance, where you can also find the Light symbols.

The year 2015 is quite a promising time. This year we will completely enter into the timeline of unified light. Many of you probably noticed at least 5 days before the codes of Divine Feminine begun to activate and merge with the divine masculine, on the 22nd of December 2014. For many of us love weavers and light weavers who are at the forefront it was like being hit by a shock wave. Many started to experience beyond normal sleep pattern change and have noticed that so much less sleep is needed. At the same time many started to experience ascension like symptoms that might have even landed you in bed. Those symptoms although flu like in many ways are due to the effect the sun is having in our physical and energetic bodies due to the temporal shifts occurring at an accelerated pace.

It is as if our very cells are being torn apart. We are literally being transformed through time and space. This is occurring in preparation to the time shift that will take place around the 16 of march of 2015. What that means for our planet and her inhabitants is the full release from the lower vibrations of 3rd dimensional forces. In essence we are paving the way for the timeline shift and we are acting as transformers and anchors of a new realty.
We will begin to see more and more changes around our planet that will seem to defy logic. The Sun will become like a whirlwind of activity. Our entire surroundings will begin to mirror what is taking place within our cells and our souls. It will literally feel like being in the process of birth and much physical pain will be present as our bodies adjust but also much joy and bliss will be present in our hearts as our bodies becomes exalted with light.

It is as if the God particle, or the god essence that has remained dormant for eons in time will begin to reawaken. This is a process that will take years perhaps to fully be accepted and recognized but nonetheless it is the revolution and the miracle we have all been waiting for. Imagine this miraculous effect of the god essence being birthed within our cells and with such event abilities will begin to open up. Past lives will be more easily accessible and parallel realities will begin to coexist in a more harmonious way.

Due to such event also many have begun to experience the need to sleep less and will have experienced by now many sleepless nights. The ringing in the ears has also increased as well as the buzzing of the head. You might have begun to hear sounds and to see lights and orbs of light. You might also be experiencing emotional and physical turmoil as the deeper traumas and stuck energies begin to come to the surfaced to be healed and cleared. Greater mental clarity will happen immediately after the mention symptoms balance out. There is hope on the other side of change, so be patient and above all be kind to yourselves. Once you process, anchor and balance the energies you will be pleasantly surprised by all the new gifts you will begin to uncover. Including new forms of spirit communication and new forms of psychic abilities.

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