23 January 2015

The Event's Node ~ Ibrahim Hassan ~ 22 January 2015

Some positive validation from Ibrahim Hassan and a call to Lightworkers to walk our talk.

Source: World of Truth

The operations continue in the penetration of the ethereal level, there is a great range of intervention from Goddess, Archangels and light forces through a special Portal that led to a huge stream of Light into the ethereal level, and will directly do some breakthroughs in the veil, and this matter led to the escalation of events in the physical level...We are now in the event’s Node, the physical level began affected by the manifestation energy. Overall the ethereal level & The Physical level are two sides of the same coin...

Escalation has begun:

The escalation needs from us to enhance our communication with our Asterisks origins in the higher-state, and "our believe-system " to be interact with this principle practically { manifest your  believe-system in your daily life }, and not with the principle of the Domination System…this enhance the awakening of the Light workers and the Light warriors to complete the mission of their presence on this earth ..

The veil will be a shallow glass in front of the will power that been stored in our immortal souls, and the new era will be manifested in front of our eyes...


From the Enlightened Master

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