26 January 2015

The Full Picture

You may be familiar with my own Angel in the Sky picture (on the right-bar of this blog), and it's one of my favourite sky images. However, I haven't yet publicly revealed the entire picture, until now.

Here's some background. When I first took that picture, it was almost two years ago...barely a month after the December 2012 Solstice (!). At that time, I was still trying to understand some things that I had "gotten" intuitively, one of which was that we broke through what I felt was a time-loop, and that we were at a "pause" amidst a scrambling in the background to work out this new place we had landed on (all of which I had written about previously). At the same time, I was having very active discussions with some wonderful Souls who also had gotten bits and pieces of knowingness, and we were all trying to see the bigger picture of what lay ahead.

Then I saw this in the sky, on a rare occasion when I was a passenger in the car instead of the driver. That meant that I was able to take several pictures; I was primarily focused on the Angel, so I cropped the photo, and that's what I posted to share as inspiration. Very many people have also posted their own pictures of Angel Clouds and Sylphs...it seemed to me that these Beings had taken over the sky :)

Anyway, it wasn't until more than a year later that I looked at my original again...and my attention this time rested on the formation on the right. I must say I was a little bit alarmed, because it looked like a dragon or some winged beast. And juxtaposed next to the Angel...well...!

My interpretation is that it could be symbolic of the Light being victorious. The first picture, the one above, is the first. The other two pictures below show the formation on the right dissipating. For you...to enjoy and/or draw your own conclusion :)

*I have applied a contrast filter to allow for more definition. These pictures were taken just before sunset.