04 January 2015

The Surrender Agreement ( Document) ~ John Ross ~ 3 January 2015

Source: Freedom4Humanity

The duly signed surrender document now exists in the physical and is in the hands of the human Light. Like many documents of the Light, it is short and to the point. The basic terms are that the dark surrenders to the Light and agrees to cooperatively turn over power to the Earth’s Light including any and all technologies they have used to manipulate and control humanity. There will be no cover-up and the entire truth will be disclosed. In return the dark is granted amnesty for all crimes committed. There are over one hundred dark signatories and about a quarter of that number who are signatories for the Light.

The announcement and roll out is now in the planning stages. Much has to be decided. Who is to make the announcement, when and where? What will be included and what will follow later? What role will the ETs play and when will they begin to play that role?

Is the surrender fragile or in danger in some way? Obviously but in a strange sort of way what and whom threatens it? The dark no longer is motivated to derail the process…all their attempts to derail it have been blocked and they are now without the means or the coordinated will to pull off a deal breaker. Plus, amnesty is of huge interest to them, having perpetrated crimes of all manner both individually and systemically. This is well documented and includes sting operations from the recent past. Since the top of the dark hierarchy has long operated as being above the law, there is a large body of evidence and our ET supporters have even fuller dossiers.

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