29 January 2015

The Timeline of the Dark's Surrender ~ John Ross ~ 27 January 2015

Source: Freedom4Humanity

In the spring of 2012 with seven or eight months to go before humanity’s scheduled ascension at the winter solstice of 2012, information began coming to me that the earth’s dark were considering surrendering to the earth’s Light and voluntarily turning over their power in an orderly and cooperative process. The Light set the summer solstice (June 2012) as the dead-line to allow six months to get everything done.

That spring was a very busy time for me as I threw my shoulder to the wheel of surrender and did all I was asked to do to help make the surrender happen. I had a number of surreal experiences during those eight or ten weeks including attending an etheric level meeting with high level dark officials as a representative of the Light. The dark treated me as an expert in surrender during the meeting and I offered to assist anyone who chose the surrender option. My expertise was based on the fact that six years earlier, I had surrendered to Divinity and had steadfastly followed my Divine guidance ever since.

Another brush with Divinity occurred shortly after this etheric level meeting. There is a series of ponds/small lakes about a twenty minute walk from where I was living and on a lovely spring day with the surrender option at a crisis point, I made a pilgrimage to this beautiful setting requesting guidance. I sat on a park bench facing the Rocky Mountains in the distance and asked if the surrender option or the arrests option would be followed. ‘It is your choice’ came my answer.

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