15 January 2015

To The Weary Forerunners ~ Denise LeFay ~ 13 January 2015

Denise LeFay's updates usually give us permission to moan about what we are going through, giving voice to our silent complaints and allowing a chance by proxy to vent a little :)  What's even better is that she then gives us a pep-talk with lots of assurance that indeed, we are heading in the right direction even though it may not appear to be so, sometimes.

This one is no different. What makes it even more personal is that she has appended two letters from her readers that aptly represent what so many of us are feeling and thinking after what seems like a lifetime of "being good".

Please head here to read Denise's bigger picture and how we have entered the time where we are easing more easily into our own Sovereignty and stepping into our own god-hood.

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