02 January 2015

Victory To The Light This New Year! ~ Katelon Jeffereys ~ 31 December 2014

Photo taken by Katelon Jeffereys Dec. 28, 2014 Pacific Beach, San Diego, CA

I'm very appreciative of Katelon Jeffereys taking the time to write out this article, which talks about the not-so-pleasant consequences she faces in carrying out her service. However, before I proceed to post it, I feel strongly guided to mention that the information she's providing is primarily useful for Lightworkers who have what I call "Warrior Missions", either in this incarnation or in previous lifetimes. I offer this caution out of respect for some of my readers who have made known to me that they don't necessarily prescribe to this Light-Dark situation in our world.

As someone who has a brief but hugely significant memory of a "warrior lifetime" (I won't go into details at this point of time) as well as some telling experiences in my current lifetime, I can understand perfectly the information that Katelon provides in this article. She stresses, and I highlight, that she is detailing her own experiences as a means to offer guidance or assistance to those who are also going through the same. Just like we have Ascension "symptoms", some Lightworkers may also go through some unusual challenges as they carry out their Light missions in this current lifetime. Know that assistance is available ~ we just need to get into flow of Trust and request for it!

Source: Empower and Balance

As the sun sets on another year, I want to take the time to not only wish you a Happy New Year but also confirm that this coming year WILL be a VERY Happy New Year, a VERY Happy New World! It looks like it isn’t quite here yet, and the plugged ear signal that still remains, lets me know that the complete physical surrender of the dark hasn’t happened yet, but during our daily sessions we are assured that great progress is being made and that it could happen at any time.

What is wonderful about it, too, is that the dark is realizing their power is no more and they are surrendering not to give the power over to someone else, for them to have power over them, but to a new system, a system of sovereignty where everyone is in service to each other, humanity, the planet, and yet also committed to standing in their truth, authenticity, empowered in their divinity; each human stepping forward as the light and love, in freedom, to live their divine mission, sharing their deepest gifts with all the world. The dark are rejoining the whole. Love is winning. Light is winning.

I wanted to share with you a few things that happened to me several days ago. I’m not sharing these for you to then blame everything that has happened to you on dark interference but to demonstrate the lengths the dark has gone to and the extent of the effect that they were able to have on us in the past, especially light workers working to bring forth the truth.

I had gone to a couple local grocery stores and approached my car, using my car clicker to open the car doors. Nothing happened. I tried again. Still nothing. This clicker is only a few months old, so I knew the battery and the mechanism were fine. I tried again. Still nothing. Then I decided to put the key in the lock and open it that way, ready to deal with the car alarm going off. The key didn’t work?!!!! I stepped back, looked at my car and the Yakima box on top to make sure it was the right car. Yep. I asked Ashtar and all his light team to help me. I tried again. Still nothing. Then, I asked for help one more time, tried the clicker again and finally it worked. Yay!!!

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