08 January 2015

What Is Happening To Our Sun? ~ Ibrahim Hassan ~ 7 January 2015

There's so much stuff "out there" that's being written and said about our Sun recently, with lots of pictures floating around which shows dark areas on the top and bottom, leading to claims that our Sun is "disappearing". 

Here is Ibrahim Hassan's explanation of what's occurring, bearing in mind that it's not just our beloved Planet and Humanity who are going through this Great Shift of the Ages, but also the Solar System and parts of the Cosmos as well. This article is posted in full, but please head to his site if you find it difficult to read here.

Source: The World Of Truth

I will explain in points:

First of all, happy new circle…. the years of Galaxy’s Night have ended {the ending days are from 1st of Jan.2015 until 7th of Jan.2015} and on 8th of Jan. 2015 we will start in the daytime of the galaxy, the new circle is not only in the galaxy, but also coincides with the end circle since 13.7 Billion year (the Big Bang Circle), and the beginning of the new one..

The end of all Old Timelines with the end of the circle, and the beginning of the new timelines with the new circle...

The intensity of the Solar Flare CME’s to put pressure on the forces of darkness to evacuate the Matrix means an increase in the high vibration, and this affects the forces of darkness and us, where it helps us to get rid of the remnants of viruses and the controlled chips in our physical, ethereal and astral forms...and it is difficult for the less vibrational bodies [less conscious] and normal on the higher vibrational bodies [more conscious] and the real description of this process  in one word is ” cleansing “ !

The intensity of the Solar Wind is to raise the level of spiritual development and to increase the vibration, and activate the DNA...

The intensity of the Solar Flare CME’s and the severity of the Solar Wind are two important processes in preparing us for the new era, cleaning and developing at the same time...

The Dark areas at the top and the bottom are not empty, but they are Gates & Signs for the arrival of the New Real Sun...

What the relationship of the consciousness of earth’s population on the surface, with what is happening in the Sun??

1-     In the case of a lack of human consciousness on the planet’s surface, this will lead to the intensity in the combustion in the Sun, which lead to the severity of the CME’s, which in turn weaken the Forces of Darkness, and works on cleaning the mankind from the controlling chips, for this you see frequent the emergence of the dark areas in the sun, and in turn lead to an increase in the apparent signs to awaken people on the surface.

2-     In the case of increasing human consciousness on the planet’s surface, this leads to few in the combustion and thus intensity in the Solar wind that leads to the weakness of the dark forces as a result of increased awareness, and thus few the appearance of the dark areas in the Sun, and in turn lead to a few in the apparent signs to awaken people on the surface…

The countdown to the major change phase has begun, do not looking forward days or months as long as the time is relative with the proportion of awareness of each one of us...

Is the human consciousness will need a Cosmic Apparent Signs and difficult entry into the new era?? Or the inner consciousness will enlighten the way to them for safe entry??

The Enlightened Master

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