18 February 2015

528 Hz and 432 Hz DNA Repair Solfeggio Tones

There is a huge collection of Solfeggio tones out there in cyberspace, much of which is available for free. I listen to them daily, both consciously and as background sounds. I play them to my plants, and I use them to "smudge" my home regularly. I've already included quite a few links to some solfeggios tones, and here's two more for those who resonate with their frequencies.

I do know about the 528/432 debate, and all I will say is just take what suits you. As synchronicity would have it, I have links for both tones because they are two of my favourite Solfeggio frequencies :)  Peace and harmony, Light Family!

Here for the 528 Hz, which is 24-minutes in length, and here for the 39-minute 432 Hz. 

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