14 February 2015

A Major Breakthrough In The Plasma Place ~ Ibrahim Hassan ~ 13 February 2015

**Update 15 February 2015 ~ Ibrahim Hassan has written in with further information; please read the details in the comments secton.


I feel unable to post this without first bringing up a recent experience, so here goes.

I've been following Ibrahim Hassan's updates since August 2013, and so far his messages seem to provide the necessary details to better appreciate what's really happening around us. However, in one recent message, he categorically stated that Earth is flat. I didn't post that update.

Although I don't necessarily resonate 100% with any one source (sometimes I go "huh?" or "sigh..."), I will still go ahead to post their message if I feel that what they have to say is important or could be beneficial in some way for others. Sometimes I just stop following them if I no longer feel in alignment with what they have to say. Please understand that this does not mean that it's an "I'm-right-they're-wrong" scenario ~ it  just means that I go by what I resonate with at that point in time, even if what I resonate with turns out to be false information. For now, all I have is my own inner guidance, and sometimes I may not interpret that accurately :)

So, coming back to that "Earth-is-flat" thing. And please, I'm very aware that there are many who are Flat-Earthers, especially in recent months when certain sources came out to strongly support this belief. I have no intention to start a debate here, but for now, that is not how I consciously choose to view Earth's "reality".

Okay, done. I really needed to put that out :)

Source: The World of Truth

Today 13th of Feb.2015, we’ve witnessed a major breakthrough in the Plasma Plane by/ the Confederation forces, GFL, and those supporting  the confederation , such as: Silver Legion, Andromodian  fleet , Guardian fleet  and others ,as the work  on closing the rift that enhances the Plasma plane has been done, and the work on restoring  the cosmic fabric of time & space to its nature has been done { which  in harmony with the rest of the universe } through special groups of Arcturians and Sirians in this field , whereas this plane of cosmic anomaly {the second anomaly that separates the physical & ethereal planes} prevents  any penetration or reach for the  Light within the veil, and this plane was the first supporter for the forces of darkness  in their projects...

Now this area is recovering after the completes of the Cosmic Fabric of time & space, and the spaceships of the Confederation Forces were able to penetrate the center of the plasma plane after the technical examination of  the area ,  also they were managed to besiege the Chimera Group  in their last stronghold after weakened their defense points ; which derives its strength from the cosmic anomaly of the central plasma plane , but still the Chimera Group holds their own ethereal technology, and the impact of this technology will weaken on planet earth, because of the breakup of the plasma plane gradually..

The Confederation Forces stresses the siege on Chimera Group in one hand, and intensify the Light around planet earth on the other hand...

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  1. Dear Grace,

    Love and appreciation for your effort in spreading awareness among the people of earth...

    I noticed that you are not comfortable with what I addressed in the one of my previous blog about the Flat –Earth, and because I don’t like to create any type of stress for my brothers on the path of awareness and I like to save your alignment with your inner feelings, so here I want to clarify the following points with all my love:

    - In fact, I’m not one of the Flat-Earthers Group, and I get my information from my inner journey and my spiritual development...

    - Regarding this subject” the Flat –Earth” I didn’t focus on it in a particular blog, but I mentioned it in a paragraph of a blog, because of the sensitivity of this issue to everyone, and I prefer not to write in some subjects due to its sensitivity, and leave it to the time of disclosure during the event..

    - This subject is not a matter of Black & White Or Wright or Wrong, because the earth has many Physical, ethereal and astral planes…etc. and has as well electro-magnetic field, and this issue is related to the Sacred Geometry of each universe, and how the form of life is developing in each planet, also we must not forget that our planet earth is under quarantine, and has a {Holographic Sky} …etc..

    - All of these factors play a role in answering this question…. as planets in the stages of their development and the evolution of their population from simple civilization to be an intelligent civilization “Galactic”, they undergoing in many stages of developing on their Physical & energetic shapes “ , as will happen for us when ascending..

    - What I mean here; that earth has many shapes, because it contains more than one plane and layer, each plane from physical to astral is going through changes with evolution, in addition, the dark forces prevented the people of earth from seeing the real vision of both the universe and the earth, through creating a “Holographic Sky” [The Veil]...

    - And at a certain point of spiritual development of the people, they can realize the truth of the matter… in any case, this issue is a long talk, and it is bigger than that..

    - Here I will try to likened this issue in the following example:
    when you put something in the palm of your hand “flat shape” , and trying to hold your hand on it , so your hand takes several sequential forms to become as a ball shape, and at the same time “ these forms already exist before your hand begins to take these multiform that end as a ball shape {even if you cannot see it in your naked eye} because it is already exist before you start moving your hand to reach the final shape..

    Sometimes, the sacred geometry takes the opposite course, such as a Lotus flower, its growth started closed, and then begins blossoming slowly until complete…

    There is nothing wrong from the perspective of consciousness, and the beautiful thing in this subject that it gathered us in this dialogue, and this is one of the main reasons in writing blogs, to close the gaps between the awareness of the people of earth…

    Namaste’ with all love, Light and Peace
    Your brother in the path of Enlightenment
    Ibrahim Hassan

    1. Dear Brother,

      Thank you for taking the time to write in with additional information, I do appreciate this :) I will insert an update to the post to alert my readers of your comment.

      Please do not feel concerned because I don't view this difference as negative. I have absolutely no judgement in this whole issue :)

      While I may not, at this point in time, be in the same plane of reality as you regarding this topic, I'm very sure we both agree that we DO share one main objective, which is far more important than any single subject ~ we are both following our own path in doing whatever we can to be of service during this Ascension process. We both have the same goal, and that is to see Mother Gaia and Humanity cross safely into the Light.

      Thank you again for providing more information.

      Namaste, in Unity and Love