18 February 2015

A Moment of Enlightenment ~ Ibrahim Hassan ~ 17 February 2015

**Update 23 February 2014: Added some highlights at the end of this post.

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Ibrahim Hassan has come out with an hour interview in 5 parts, you can watch them at the links below. I'm on the move today and have limited time and internet access, so I'll add highlights later. Ibrahim includes a section about The Event.

Source: The World of Truth

A moment of enlightenment with the Enlightened Master / Ibrahim Hassan
Interview by/ The Blue Flare "his wife" admin. of www.theworldoftruth.org
This video consists of 5 parts/ the video duration for all parts { 1:03h}..

if you would like to watch it on YouTube as playlist please click here....

Part 1: his childhood, abilities ...

Part 2: his inner journey, previous lives , flash memory..

Part 3 : the moment of reaching the Enlightenment

part 4: his contact with other civilizations and ascended masters

Part 5 : Update , signs before the event, the event..

Namaste' from

The Enlightened Master/Ibrahim Hassan & The Blue Flare

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**Update 23 February 2015: A very brief summary:

In the first four parts of this interview, Ibrahim Hassan outlines his inner journey, which he stresses is important for each of us to undergo. This allows us to know Who We Truly Are, going beyond our physical mind (and therefore, its 3D limitations) which he likens to The Veil. Only when we surrender our mind do we encounter pure consciousness.

He also recounts his merger with his Higher Self, traversing the 7 planes into enlightenment, which is a powerfully profound experience that is "beyond words".

What follows below is the highlight of Part 5, which is about The Event:
  • Ley-lines now energised and re-connected back to manifestation loop for The Event, which has been delayed before but is now being accelerated
  • Collective Consciousness has reached sacred geometry reuiqred to crack Veil
  • Portal for extra-terrestrial access is now open although Veil not completely broken
  • We are in final phase pre-The Event
  • Lightships support Humanity to prepare for The Event
  • The Event: both physical and spiritual ~ Physical: financial reforms etc; Spiritual: Blue Pulse from Galactic Centre connect to Heart chakra of ALL
  • 15 minutes duration of the Pulse entering the Earth; those prepared will welcome this while those who are not will reject this and fight to remain in low vibrations.

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