14 February 2015

Again with the “Got Triskaidekaphobia?” Shamballaha and New Earth ~ 13 February 2015

"Reincarnation? Karma!"
Apart from learning two new words..."triskaidekaphobia" and "paraskevidekatriaphobia"...I really enjoyed reading this article from Shamballaha & New Earth, who makes the connection between debt and karma from a very relevant perspective.

Source: Shamballaha & New Earth

Greetings Everyone,

This is a repeat of an article I last posted back in December of 2013. I am sharing it again simply for some lighthearted fun; yet it has some useful information too.
Remember, this was originally shared in 2013, so if it has a bit of a “past tense” feel to it, that is why.
What I would really like for each of you to get from this little sharing, it that it is time to let go of this whole “Karmic Debt” concept and take a fresh look at exactly what the word and concept of “Karma” means in the new frequencies and realities we are creating and opening. 

It’s time to get off the “Karmic Wheel”
I mean really! Hasn’t this whole “Karmic Wheel” thing just been done to death!  (pun intended). Think about it. Isn’t it easier and more frugal and practical to “Rebalance” your “Wheel(s)” than to constantly be buying new ones?

Please continue reading here.

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