12 February 2015

An Expanded Ability to Think and Create ~ Judy Satori ~ 11 February 2015

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**Update 13 February 2015
Two things that I thought I should mention:
  • I listened to the transmission yesterday in the late afternoon and had trouble sleeping last night, with lots of lights flashing (more than usual) when I closed my eyes and lots of buzzing in my head. This transmission is potent stuff!
  • If you are wondering why this transmission seems so different from past ones, I believe it's because the frequencies are very high. Judy Satori has mentioned before that she's receiving amplified energetic codes with higher frequencies, and they come in at a very rapid pace. Just as an aside, I remember reading somewhere (sorry, can't recall!) that to the Higher Beings, our speech is painfully slow. Their communication rate is incredibly high.

Judy Satori has once again made available a couple of Light Language audios to assist us through this quantum leap in our evolution. Please read through what she has to say before diving into these activations ~ one of the things she stresses is that you don't listen more than ONCE per day.

I've only just gotten these, so I haven't yet listened; from the sound of it, they are potent so I'll listen at the end of my day.

Please head here for the details and the audios.

Here's Judy's introduction:

The high frequency energy now coming in to the planet is opening aspects of human DNA expression. The energy will first cascade into a sparking of critical synapses within the brain that will in turn activate the coming forth of an expanded ability to think and create. Source: The Elohim.
From the Elohim: The energy that is now coming in to Earth from the central point of all creation within the Local Group of 20 galaxies is growing progressively stronger as it builds in intensity. The Local Group is the name given by astronomers to describe a diamond shaped cluster of 20 galaxies.  

strong>Note: Our Milky Way Galaxy is part of the Local Group. (See the book “Tuning the Diamond” by scientist Susan Joy Rennison.)

When you listen to this energy transmission you may experience an altered sense of self, a feeling of being very far away, or of floating in space. People have reported feeling a greater sense of peace and oneness with all life. You may feel vibration or pulsing. The energy opens a series of DNA time locks, like dominoes rolling or cascading. This transmission begins a process of DNA change and is its foundation.

The second energy transmission is to calm, recalibrate and consolidate. Use this transmission if you feel spacey or ungrounded.

This transmission is designed by Spirit to improve your ability to think and create. It may also help with memory loss.

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