14 February 2015

Ascension 2015 Karmic Clearing and Light Language ~ Andrea Foulkes ~ 8 January 2015

Yep, I'm really late with this one...sorry! Still, not too late to put aside about 15 minutes to listen to what Andrea Ffoulkes has to say about this year, and some suggestions on how we can manage the coming months as well as some very wise advice for those who are going through challenges on our journey.

Some points raised:
  • The Old energies are having their last attempts at maintaining their "reality"
  • We're starting to realise as a Collective that we no longer want this to continue
  • Real effective change is within, what's "out there" is reflecting what's inside, collectively
  • Spiritual work takes many forms, not necessarily presenting as healers, energy workers etc
  • Every one is experiencing what they need to go through, because of free will
  • 2015 is our journey inward and facing our shadows and releasing negativity; this is essential before we can transition into our crystalline form
  • Light language activation for being heart-centered
  • "Be Love".

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  1. andrea foulkes knows NOTHING about love