16 February 2015

Ascension Symptoms Alert: I Want to Go Home Now and Ascend NOW! ~ Shekina Ray ~ 13 February 2015

Wow, this will speak to many! Thank you to Phoenix Boulay via Cobra's comments section, where I saw the link :)  If you are new-ish to Shekina's messsages and notice the seemingly random numbers appearing throughout and wonder what they are...activation codes/encodements!

Source: Spirit Library

Most star beings already have or will most likely experience this during their time on Gaia.

Many of the Blue Ray and New Forerunner Star Seeds may be experiencing ranges of intensity of emotions that can include sadness and frustration due to core structuring expansion in the crystalline light body and fields. As you are also entering new time lines and cycle of dimension this can create a sense the job is done and a missing of home—completion.

The endings and beginnings of the New Earth dimensions and vibrations can stir a deep longing for true connections and familiar landscape, as there seems to be no energetic place to go back to and yet not a visible recognizable future space. You, the New Earth Forerunners, Blue Rays, and Gatekeepers are the first to walk through these new parameters of dimension of time and space, decoding and surveying as you go. You, the divine designer, code frequencies carriers and change makers, are the transformers that make palpable a path and a way for others. Your heart spirit longing to connect with your star and soul family is the catalyst that will open these energetic pathways and opportunities for these sacred reunions to occur here on Gaia. 444
Wanting to leave the planet and go Home 11 11
Many of you have finished with long cycles, karmic and soul contracts worked through many lifetimes and spaces and wish for a respite and rest. You may feel you want to leave the planet and go Home. This may come as a surprise for some Star Seeds and Blue Rays who have already gone through these feelings of home and have worked to find your place and resonances on the planet to have this come up again. 33
I am ready to ascend now
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