08 February 2015

Breakthrough Phase ~ Those Pictures....

I've been away for most of the day and haven't been able to take a closer look at the pictures until now. I've decided to decipher them, and I would like to stress that this is just my own interpretation, so please don't take them seriously :)  Feel free to add your own! By the way, I notice that the label of Cobra's post is "MOSS"...I have no idea what it stands for.

The picture above, which is the GIF "partner" to the one on the right, suggests to me that the Matrix code has been broken, and we now have access to some sort of Eden-like world, perhaps New Earth or Agartha.

Then the one below gives me the impression that the Cavalry/Jedi are here, victorious over the Matrix!

I'm a bit confused about this one on the left. There's an existing AFSC, based in the US. So I'm guessing that the role/function will be transformed to serve a higher purpose? The image could show locations of the various bases that will be used by our Galactic Family for their operations to assist Mother Gaia and Humanity in the next stages of our Ascension. Now that the Quarantine has been removed, they are once again able to land safely on the surface and get on with their much-delayed missions. Okay, I'm embellishing a bit here....   :)  But what's with the "Moron" thing?!

I really like this next one,below. It makes me feel that the Light Forces and the Goddess Energies are now fully present, encircling and protecting the Planet.

We are breaking free of this labyrinth prison that we've been programmed to believe is "Life" (above). We are liberating ourselves from this conditioning.

Lightships are now able to fly freely in the skies, picture above.

And finally, this one I couldn't possibly get it wrong...right? The title of Cobra's post says it clearly... End of Quarantine!!!


  1. Thank you Grace for trying to translate the images...I went through...just looking at them...hoping Spirit would help me understand. I didnt come up with anything on my own... I feel inline with you on the images and is exciting to feel we are that much closer to BEing....and reunited with our Star Family....I cant imagine the magnificence and joy of when these transpire...

    1. Namaste Markham, I'm glad you feel the same :) You have a beautiful vision there about the reunification with our Star brethren...let's hold on to it, give it our creator energies with all our hearts and we'll see that manifested as reality soon! Blessings