04 February 2015

Cheryl’s Notes from Cobra’s Breakthrough Conference in Taiwan ~ 2 February 2015

This is a personal record from an attendee of Cobra's recent conference held in Taiwan, posted here for your own discernment. I'll just mention a couple of things and insert a few highlights, it's quite a detailed report covering in greater detail some of the things that Cobra has mentioned in his own updates. Grateful thanks to Cheryl for making this effort :)

One of the things that has always presented me with doubts is the question of the Dragon Families, because I've read about their history many years ago. While I'm aware that many sources are now hailing them as the new financial stalwarts, I've felt some uneasiness over their involvement. Cheryl's notes provided me with more background information and enabled me to understand the situation better. So, while I have no opinion about some of the topics covered, there are several others that I appreciated, enabling me to form a bigger picture.

You can proceed to the notes here.

(*Cheryl mentions the "Beretta principle". I believe she meant the Pareto principle. Also, in her notes, Cheryl indicated that the Compression Breakthrough is The Event, while at another time it's recorded that it's not. It's my understanding that CB is the pre-cursor to The Event and not The Event itself.)
  • Time to deprogam ourselves
  • Goddes Dong Hu now in physical Lightbody channeling goddes energy, living in Asia under protection
  • The Event delayed by 15 years; post-The Event we will see many transitions, including First Contact and release of technologies
  • First few weeks before and after The Event, we will be "tested", emergency meditations will appear on Cobra's blog
  • LWs need to step up to the plate! (Sounds like we'll get super-busy...!)
  • Meditate and take action
  • Visualising money as crystals of Divine Light.

We have the power to influence global events. We are able to manifest the Event.  We are creating the Event.  We will follow exact principles for manifestation.  If you look at human history, change is always made by a group of a few individuals who know and are awake and aware.  Awake and aware individuals, even one, can change the world.  One person with a vision is enough to change the world.  One Tesla was enough.  One Einstein was enough to change the world.  But more people sharing that vision makes this change even more possible.

Please read the full record here.


  1. It is my understanding the Compression Breakthrough is the same thing as the Event. It is the moment when light from above Earth meets the light from below Earth and the darkness in the middle is eliminated. This is called Compression Breakthrough/the Event. However, the Breakthrough Phase isn't the Event, it is the time period prior to the Event when the energies build for the final Compression Breakthrough. We are now in the Breakthrough Phase.

    1. Thanks for your thoughts, Mitchell :)