26 February 2015

Disclosure and the Secret History of Our Solar System Radio Show- TONIGHT! ~ David Wilcock ~ 25 February 2015

Okay, I don't think I'll be listening in to this anytime soon. However, apart from announcing this radio show, David Wilcock also has further information that I thought needed special mention, simply because it corroborates what other sources, notably Cobra, has revealed in his past updates. I always feel it's a good sign when information from different sources start to align with and echo each other instead of creating confusion with contradictions.  

You can proceed to read his information here.

I would like to note a couple of points, just to underscore the message that things are indeed unfolding and that we are heading in the right direction:
  • Space battles coming to tipping point, in favour of Light...this is inevitable
  • Lockdown placed around Planet; the Dark are not allowed to escape
  • Snowden's data will soon be available for all on the Internet; this includes details about the Secret Space Program.

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