04 February 2015

DNA and Light Codes ~ Wisdom Teachings by David Wilcock


We all know that we are being ceaselessly bombarded by all that Divine Light, whether delivered via solar flares or directly, and we are doing all we can, in whatever way we can, to specifically receive and assimilate those energies with Love and Gratitude. We do this as an integral part of the Ascension process, with the understanding that these Light energies are encoded to awaken dormant genes and activate more of our abilities as well as raising our vibrations. We do this as part of the process towards transitioning into our crystalline-based physical Lightbody, from a 3D being to 4D/5D. We all know this, whether from external sources or from some inner knowingness, or a combination of both; and we have faith in this process. It spoke to some deep level within and simply made perfect sense.

But what I didn't know (and now I speak only for myself) was that this process is actually something that has been demonstrated scientifically, as I learnt from David Wilcock's Wisdom Teachings. He didn't specifically mention the Cosmic energies and the Ascension process, but as with my previous David Wilcock Wisdom Teachings' post, I would like to volunteer the connection :)

DW referred to the work of Dr Peter Gariaev, a Russian Wave Geneticist who demonstrated the Light healing phenomenon by curing lab rats that were intentionally infected (!) with diabetes. He did this by shining a laser beam coded with healthy genes at them; the coding was effected by passing the light through a healthy rat pancreas. In the final results of this experiment, the rats were cured and their damaged pancreases regenerated! What's more, additional experiments proved that this healing technique worked up to a distance of 20km...think about that!

In another example, David cited an experiment by another Russian scientist Budakovski, who beamed a hologram of a healthy raspberry plant onto one that had cancerous tumours. After several months, the callus (tumour) developed into a healthy plant.

So, my Light Family, what we are doing has been scientifically demonstrated by courageous Russian scientists who seek to break the ridiculous paradigms of mainstream "science", exposing greater truths of the Source Intelligence that supports Life at every turn. Divine god-codes blueprints are being relentlessly beamed at us to activate, re-write and re-wire our genes, and unleash our true potentials as Divine Humans. We are being encoded and upgraded every moment of every day!

If we recall all that we've been told (and experienced!) ~ amplified energies streaming from the Galactic Centre, Comets, massive Solar flares, and even Cosmic energies being intentionally augmented and directed at us ~ there is clearly some great Divine Plan at play here. I have mentioned before that we are in a Game that is designed and rigged to win (posted here). We just need to help the process along in whatever manner we can :)

I will venture to say that, as a corollary, sound waves are capable of doing the same job as the above Light experiments. That means all the Light Language audio activations that carry with them specific frequency encodings work along the same principle. After all, everything is energy, and the Light could have merely served as a medium/conduit/carrier. In much the same way, visuals also possess the same capability; imagine the scope...Crop Circles, sacred geometry, mandalas, symbols, etc.

We have so much help that comes in so very many different forms. All we need then, is to help ourselves :)

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