27 February 2015

El Ser Uno Books III - VI (The One Being)

Most unfortunately for me, I don't understand Spanish. That means I won't be able to read Books III - VI of the El Ser Uno (The One Being) series. I had previously featured El Ser Uno in 2013 (Books I and II were available in English then); I've been waiting for the English version of the successive books ever since.

So, for all Spanish speaking readers who are interested in reading further, please proceed to the El Ser Uno website to download the rest. 

For the rest of us deprived ones, if you are interested, you can read the short description of the later books in English (Google Translate, so do expect some peculiarities).


  1. Hey Grace,

    Do we have any indication from the publishers of when the translations are to be released?



    1. Namaste :)

      I've contacted the authors before but received no response. I have a feeling that it's a language issue, because the English section on the website has been removed.

      So no, I don't know if the rest of the books will be translated, sorry :/ But a couple of readers have indicated to me that they will help to keep an eye out for them, if they do become available. I'll post them here if that happens.