08 February 2015

Emerging from the Artificial Time Matrix ~ Red Queen ~ 6 February 2015

Source: 13:20 : Frequency : Shift

” …without a unifying harmonic standard humanity is incapable of  any long term resolution of any of its problems.” –Jose Arguelles
We as a civilization are living in an artificial hologram caused by a time-space distortion. Humanity lives in the past, running our lives by a mechanical clock and irregular, outdated time count implemented 433 years ago by Pope Gregory 13.

This time distortion matrix confines us to believing that 3D physical realty is the only (or predominant) reality. This perception closes our species off to the infinite possibilities and keeps us from accessing other dimensions of being where the solutions to our problems lie.

Isn’t it time that we as a species updated our system of TIME? We speak of the new feminine cycle though we still live in a patriarchal linear time frame based on the synchronization of mechanical clocks (Standard Time). Now our “Doomsday” clock is threeminutestomidnight.http://www.commondreams.org/news/2015/01/22/doomsday-clock-ticks-forward-climate-change-nuclear-weapons-push-humanity-closer
“Who owns your Time owns your mind. Own your own time and know your own mind.”  — Jose Arguelles

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