11 February 2015

Equinox On An Eclipse...Oh My! ~ Aluna Joy Yaxkin ~ 10 February 2015

Source: Aluna Joy Yaxkin

We have been hunkered down these last few weeks with some major reboots and realignments, losses and liberations. We celebrated a sweet energy release valve from intense energy, in mid to the end of December. We had expected this and spent this time in glorious Palenque, Mexico in the days of the Goddess Guadalupe with a very special group. Little did we know at the time that we would need the energy vacation as even more transformation was coming; Lots more!

2015 entered like a rocket ship and for about a week the ride was so, so good! Then our next level of work became evident. Yeah... it just got deeper and more real. We have reassessed all areas of our lives and our work, and where it goes from here. Some things needed to change immediately, and other shifts will come throughout the year. It feels like a profound physical, emotional and spiritual metamorphosis. I am cooking on many things and concepts that I hope will manifest in their entirety soon. I know we are all asking for what is next, and our next level in our personally destiny. We have been deeply discussing humanity’s ongoing limitation to instant healing and manifesting those greater things that our dear Jeshua is still waiting for us to create. It feels like these things are beginning to gel in our consciousness.

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