14 February 2015

False Entrapments Are Seen For What They Are ~ Gaia Portal ~ 13 February 2015

We can read so much into this message, and yet there's a huge probability that we could get it all wrong!

Source: Gaia Portal

False entrapments are seen for what they are.
Enlightenments come to those who release.
Gaia enchants those of enchantment hooks.
Even those are released.
Flusters release from all Hue-man consciousness.
Renderings are useless, as essence has left.
First havens are chosen.
Ultimate havens unveil.


  1. Renderings = holographic creations, I guess.

    1. I agree, Lee :) especially followed by "essence has left", giving me the impression that the "renderings" are now void, hollow, or unsustainable. Thanks!