23 February 2015

How to Open Your Third Eye ~ Infinite Waters Ralph Smart ~ 22 May 2014

I've posted this before (see here) with a collection of other videos, so I've decided to feature it on its own because of its importance, and also because I recently watched it again, re-appreciating the information. Here is a summary of Ralph Smart diving deeeeeeep into the Third Eye/Pineal Gland, based on ancient activation practices.
  • Yoga ~ integration of body/mind/Soul
  • Mindful meditation ~ tuning in to the power of Now
  • 7-Hermetic principles
  • Diet ~ vegetarian, we are what we eat
  • Star-gazing ~ shows us the world beyond
  • Crystals ~ lapis lazuli in Ancient Egypt helps with connecting to the Planet
  • When 3rd Eye opened we are in alignment with Higher purpose
  • Sleeping in the dark ~ melatonin produced, linked to pineal activation
  • "When we are  not afraid to sleep, we are more awake"
  • Ayahuasca, lotus ~ "dissolves" world around us
  • Once we know Who We Truly Are, our Third Eye activates!
  • Divine Union via tantra = Oneness
  • Beeswax candles aid in activation
  • Krishna played flute called bansuri, it has 22 semitones and was in alignment with planetary frequencies (432 Hz vs 440 Hz)
  • "We are the Ancients...theWitches and Wizards are back!"
Watch the 16+minute video here.

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