24 February 2015

"Pops" of Enlightenment Envelop All Gaia Inhabitants in Short Order as Consciousness Barriers Erode ~ Gaia Portal ~ 23 February 2015

Well, at least this one is easier to decipher :)  Provided we get it right, that is!

Source: Gaia Portal

“Pops” of Enlightenment envelope all Gaia inhabitants in short order as consciousness barriers erode.
Multiple engagements are handled with ease as Higher awareness returns.

Threads of separation resolve to a Common.

Enterprises of Nova Gaia assemble.


  1. With Gaia rather living in the eternal NOW, not really differentiating between present and (hopefully very near) future, I have learned to rather add something like "going to be" somewhere into each line, to relativize anticipation and minimize disappointments when the next message has been posted, without anything from the previous message having really materialized visibly or tangibly. Helps me to stay positive.

    1. I think I understand what you mean and how you feel, Lee...because I have those thoughts and feelings myself. What I do now is that whenever I come across something I read/hear/watch that I like, I'll reflect upon it for a while, then let it go. If I remember it later on, then fine. I do a lot of releasing and surrendering to my Divinity :) I know this may not be helpful at all, but I truly feel that there's so much going on we don't even know about, let alone see.

      If we allow that we are currently not fully "switched on" yet, then there is every possibility that there is so much that remains hidden from us, for now. Also I have been observing over the past 2+ years that we are going through mini-cycles within medium cycles within bigger cycles. And each time we come out of a cycle, we are at a "higher" place.

      Having said all that, I'd also like to point out (which I didn't in my post) that the title of this update is similar to one that appeared in late 2013, but the contents differ. I'm not sure if it's just wishful thinking, but it does appear that we have moved quite significantly since then.

      Here's the link: https://gaiaportal.wordpress.com/2013/11/21/surges-of-enlightenment-envelop-gaia-total/

      Finally, also remember that each individual has "free will". Many are still choosing to remain status quo. Look at how difficult it is for us to reach the critical mass during the weekly meditation. If we can't even put aside one day a week to devote to planetary liberation, what does that say for the Collective Consciousness?

      I like what you are doing to stay positive. I believe it's a great demonstration of an individual taking action to add Light to the mission :) Namaste

  2. Fun - I so much agree with what you write, thanks for sharing. The weekly meditation is peculiar and many do not vibe with it, which I understand. I found a Event Support Group in near-by Zurich which I will attend at least over the next few Sundays, so that's fine news at least for me (and hopefully for the Event, too LOL).

    1. I'm usually terrible at guided meditations because I find myself drifting away into my own "version". So I just set the intention for my energies to ne added to the group, and do my own thing :) Thanks again for shining your Light, Lee :)