27 February 2015

Q&A With Cobra ~ Rob Potter ~ 16 February 2015

Just a few points to highlight, quite a bit of what's covered in this interview has been mentioned before previously, either in other interviews or Cobra's own updates. Still, it's quite a good read throughout. Sometimes, I do see the relevance of some things being repeated because we need reminding. More importantly, especially during this current period, we need to realise that things are indeed progressing at a rather expeditious rate, actually. After all, that's 26,000 years (way more, if you take into consideration timeline manipulations) of negativity to overhaul in just a very short period of time, relatively speaking.
  • Purification of Solar System progressing well, only the plasma planes left now and clearing is in good progress; this includes the Chimera stronghold
  • This Solar System is the last to be cleared, ditto this Planet
  • Cabal stragglers still in contact with this remnant group 
  • Many things unfolding behind the scenes that even the alternative media doesn't know about
  • Inserting implants at birth has been "standard procedure" over past 25,000 years
  • Mantis Race now working with the Light (Simon Parkes was mentioned; his information is quite compelling ~ his graphic images certainly speak volumes! ~ I haven't posted any of his videos but if you are interested just search for them)
  • Many races wanted to intervene and assist, but the degree of severity frightened them off 
  • Technologies will be given freely when the time comes **I WANT MY REPLICATOR!!
  • "After The Event, things will be happening quite fast
  • The Cabal testing limits of Light forces eg. Syrian situation and explosion mentioned by Veterans Today
  • AirAsia 8501 plane was hijacked
  • "There are many, I would say, partial victories, I would say, taking place throughout the globe, but the final breakthrough will happen at the event. This is a global situation, not localized."

Please read the complete transcript at The Promise Revealed.

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