14 February 2015

Real Life on Venus ~ Willaru Huayta

Image from Higher Density Blog
Just some hours ago, I posted something about Telos and what Life is like for our Intra-terrestrial Family. Now we have an account about Life on Venus! How wonderful :)

This is a fascinating description, transcribed by Aluna Joy Yaxk'in. Thank you to Higher Density Blog where I first saw this :)  Just as in Sharula Dux's account, this article gives us a glimpse into the wonderful potentials that lie just ahead for us! Enjoy...

Source: Ashtar Command Crew


The masters sent me to the United States three times. When I finished my last trip I said, "Oh, finally, I finished my mission". But that was my ego talking. When I got home, there came another invitation to the USA. I said "What do I do with this? I thought I would have to say no, because I have already finished the three trips. So I went into meditation and I said to the masters. "I have already finished my trips. What can I do with these letters. I'm not supposed to go to any more countries in the world." But the masters said, that sometimes we have to keep going once we have started. The three trips were a test. Along the way were many, many tests. I worked with temptation with many different things. Like food, cheeseburgers, hamburgers, banana splits, good American food. I had to come to my inner Father/Mother to really work hard to receive help in these and other things. But at the end it was good, because my Father/Mother was always helping me.

When I came back from the USA, I said, "Now I don't want to travel anyplace on planet Earth. Now I will pray to go to the other planets.รข€ But I was too greedy and too ambitious. I am a simple student, who's just beginning. All my desires are just ego. Only great masters can be taken to other planets for interplanetary initiations. But I started working hard to go to the planet Venus. I was eating less meat and all that. I worked a lot with the three steps. I asked them (Venusians) to give me the opportunity to see. I didn't want to go to stay there, because my work is not on Venus. What can I do there? They don't need me there. I have to finish my work here on this planet Earth, not on Venus. This is very important. I only wanted to know, to experience Venus, to compare that civilization with our civilization here. I wanted to bring a little bit of insight for humanity, a little bit. So a test was given.

First Impression of Venus... After going past the astral plane, I arrived on Venus at a sea port. Many cosmic ships were there in the ocean. It was very, very alive, like in the sixth dimension. Everything has life, brilliant vibration, very, very delicious life. You feel good. Your spiritual body feels really good. It feels like home. It is something that I do not feel here on Earth. But when I got there, they were waiting for me, the celestial marines. All the boys there were young, because they live eternal life. They have a physical body like us, but live eternal life. They are very young looking, like the age 22, wearing white uniforms like American Marines. They have a blue light, a celestial cape over them. It was very, very nice when I got there. I said "Wow"! I got very emotional. "Wow"! "Finally I'm here"! But it was no good, because it was an inferior type of happiness. So I didn't pass the test of the emotional body. I looked to them like a monkey you give a banana to and they jump with happiness. (Willaru jumps around the room to demonstrates how an excited monkey looks) Something like that. (The group breaks out in laughter) My happiness was still a little bit of an animal nature, but which is natural on planet Earth, being human. They (the Venusians) understand this, so they showed me a little bit more.

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