20 February 2015

Reminder for Weekly Liberation Meditation

"Ascended" ~ The Portal

** This will be "sticky" until after the meditation date **

It feels as if things are getting pretty serious at the moment. Please, this is not meant in any way to alarm anyone, I'm just sharing what I feel :)  And some of you may have read my earlier "Ready to Go" posts, so this is just an on-going writing-out-my-thoughts/feelings sort of post.

As mentioned previously, I don't know anything else apart from this sense that we are in a "sensitive" and critical phase. And if I were pressed to elaborate further, I would venture that this "type" of feeling is something I don't remember sensing before. However, I do note that just the day after my Ready to Go Part 2 post, Cobra posted alerts that seem to suggest that "something serious" is happening (see here and here).

Somehow, it seems to me that the upcoming Sunday Weekly Liberation meditation is going to be of paramount significance. So my Light Family, please do join in if you feel guided to do so. I'm going to stick my neck out and say this, and this is my opinion only (always remember that!) but I feel that if the time is not favourable, then meditate at the time that best suits your circumstance. Just intend that your meditation energies be added to the actual time stipulated. After all, time is non-linear, yes? The important thing is to not let the time factor put you off. And here comes the broken record/CD/USB drive...each Soul matters, and every iota of Light energy counts.

Here's the link again for details:

Weekly Liberation Meditation Update

See you there!



  1. Will sure join, and am also spreading the word (great idea with the sticky)!

    1. Thanks for sending out the word, Lee :) See you tomorrow! Namaste