09 February 2015

Secret Space Program Disclosure Audios ~ David Wilcock (With Many Thanks To Kauilapele!)

*Image of TR3-B from Rob Potter's site; he has quite a bit of information there, too

**Update 14 February 2015
KP has been asked to remove the audios, so the mp3s are no longer available.


I'm very careful with the whole copyright issue because I know many Lightworkers depend on their information for a "living" (remember that this thing we call "Life" is absolutely inauthentic), so I do respect their work. More importantly, as creators of their own work, they have every right to protect it if they wish, and I feel it's not ethical for others to "claim" what's not theirs.

However (!)...remember the last post about David Wilcock revealing a ton of information in public to protect his life and to blast the top off the Secret Space Program as openly as possible? Well, with much gratitude to KP, we now have the audios for David's presentation.

I agree with KP ~ this thing needs to go viral and spread. I haven't yet heard the presentation at this point in time because I wanted to get this out now. It's likely that David's disclosure won't be too mind-blowing for those who have followed the on-going reports from many whistleblowers "out there", but going by what KP has mentioned, David goes into deeper details. Whatever the case many be, I feel it would be a good idea to at least go through his information and do what we can to spread it.

Thank you, KP <3

Here for all the recordings. (*audios no longer available)

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