01 February 2015

Talking with Dolores Cannon, Consciousness in Simultaneous Timelines, New Earth, GC & Source: The Cosmic Journey of Lai Part 7 ~ Laron ~ 31 January 2015

Source: Transients

.......The main topics covered in this session are:

  • A new location on the New Earth is described along with a new way of travel to and from the New Earth. 
  • More New Earth based information around how a few aspects function, such as climate, communications and who will inhabit it
  • Lai visits the planet from where his individual consciousness was first created and finds something very important which will help him in the future here on Earth
  • More information about the grid consciousness, from what it looks like, from what Lai appears as there, to where they are from before working in the grid and how they were created.
  • Source and it's connection to the grid consciousness {Quite interesting and unique info}
  • A new definition of what love means and how souls can reach a level of development on Earth and use the ability of love to move beyond the laws of the Earth experience
  • How healing takes place from the GC for Earth based individuals, in relation to earth's laws. {This basically touches again on why people don't remain healed after they get healing}
  • The number of planets in the universe which have similar conditions to the planet Earth and how lower dimensional life based planets channel humans on Earth
  • Time and the cycle of earth years that make up the period of time which grid consciousness has existed, since separating from source
  • How our simultaneous existences in multiple timelines function, and what happens to each one upon their individual death. And how all this fits into the New Earth shifting {Long section}
  • A small section covering an answer to who the 'big cheese' is, which Tom Campbell talks about within his 'By Big Toe' trilogy
  • GC answers questions about Dolores Cannon and then sends Lai to her. We ask her a number of questions such as where she is, what she is doing, what she has done since arriving, the exact process she went through after her death on Earth and more. The process of what happened after her departure from Earth was a very interesting process based on her own individual experience. One other important topic she explained was how it's not good to hold onto attachments and memories from Earth, as it can cause the consciousness/soul pain afterwards and she explains how she had to let go. {Long section}

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