28 February 2015

Nava Lenticulara ~ The Lenticular Spacecraft ~ Galactis Team ~ 25 February 2015

**Update: Summary added at the end of this post**

As with all Galactis' videos, this new one promises to be visually stunning and very well-produced, with interesting behind-the-scenes information. There are English subtitles for those who need them (like me), as the narration is in Romanian. (And I was just lamenting my lack of linguistic skills yesterday...)

I will add a summary later as I have yet to watch the documentary in full.

You can view the video on their site, but if you need subtitles, please go over to their Youtube channel here.

Here are the descriptions in Romanian and English, taken from the Youtube channel:


Elementele prezentate in acest documentar sunt bulversante atat pentru gandirea oamenilor, cat si pentru cea a stiintei contemporane. Viata cosmica si tehnologiile foarte avansate sunt prezentate intr-o maniera care depaseste cu mult ideologia materialista limitata.

Constructia navei lenticulare, efort al catorva zeci de civilizatii extraterestre, este menita sa produca in anii ce urmeaza o transformare de proportii in mentalitatea si cunoasterea omenirii.

Filmul prezinta de asemenea unele aspecte despre viitorul tehnologic al societatii, care vor determina un salt major in experienta psiho-mentala a umanitatii.


The elements presented in this documentary are disturbing both for the minds of people and contemporary science. Cosmic life and very advanced technology are presented in a way that greatly surpasses the limited materialistic ideology.

The construction of the lenticular ship, the effort of dozens of extra-terrestrial civilisations, is meant to produce in the coming years a remarkable transformation in the mentality and knowledge of mankind.

The film also presents some aspects about the technological future of society, which will create a major leap in the psycho-mental experience of the human being.

**Update: Summary
  • Mothership Anais is about half Earth's diameter
  • Colossal structure being constructed at feverish pace onboard the Mothership ~ many Races involved
  • Sirians foresaw the Reptilian fleet's attack but allowed it to unfold so that they could turn it into an opportunity to collaborate with other Races to destroy the fleet and nullify the potential threat to the increased frequencies already implemented in the etheric field of Earth; this also enabled the Alliance to end all timeline manipulations by the Reptilians
  • (For more details about this attack which resulted in serious damage to Anais, please watch "Conflict In Space" which you can find on the Galactis channel, or you can read a short summary here)
  • (If you are asking at this point, "Why do the benevolent Beings need a special reason to form an alliance to work together?" which was what puzzled me when I heard/read it, the reason is that as free will and availability are major factors, it is not always possible to mobilise a huge alliance on demand)
  • Over 70 civilisations responded to repel the attack; plasma from the Sun was drawn to help restore the damage to Anais; Anais the Casaul Being was also contacted to provide new data for the repairs and reconstruction, atom by atom, in a highly precise and complex operation
  • At this same time, the Sirians and Arcturians devised a plan to aid our situation and transformation
  • This involves the construction of a huge special vessel (3500km x 1200km) that would be used to transmit energies that would facilitate contact between Humans and ETs (the psyche of the Human race at this stage is still not ready for widespread contact)
  • Physical contact "team" (about 100 million Beings) from the ET side will comprise representatives of the civilisations that formed the rescue Alliance; their "fingerprints" are encoded in the construction of this special vessel, shaped like a lenticular spherical concave lens
  • This ship will transmit "Emograms", a holographic representation of each ET volunteer, complete with emotional elements, for direct "contact" with specific Human counterparts, being able to adjust in accordance with each Human's particular energetic qualities
  • All Cosmic bodies (stars, planets, satellites, comets, etc) are Beings in their own right, and therefore have their own consciousness
  • Therefore, this special vessel that's being constructed onboard Anais, is her "cosmic child", in conjunction with her male counterpart, A-nais; this vessel will have its own "incarnated" casaul Being, who is highly advanced and able to take on this very complex nature of the vessel's requirements
  • This vessel will take up position between Earth and Moon, on the etheric plane
  • This operation would not have been possible without Ison's influence, which aligned magnetic forces of Earth with that of the Sun and Moon; this harmonisation also allows the energies from the Galactic Centre via the Sun to be stabilised and utilised beneficially by Humans
  • Some may be guided to wear silver to charge their energies and enhance the contact experience; some with more complex energetic make-up may take on platinum
  • The Moon has sped up its axial rotational rate, such that now more than half of Moon's surface is visible at certain times (the "dark side" is not really so; we just haven't seen it due to previous rotational synchronicity with Earth) thereby rendering visibility of the Moon's bases and structures, and eventually, mysterious flashes/glow
  • 10 years, computers and devices will have emotional component ~ bio-technology
  • Humans will be "segregated" according to their own choices ~ positive or negative ~ and their resulting and aligning experiences
  • This lenticular craft will also transmit the energies from the future, specifically those of The Event, so that Humans who are vibrationally ready for this state will experience it within (previously mentioned on Galactis' "The Etheric Chronovisor", you can read some highlights here)
  • Also serving as "prepatory process" to cushion the energies of The Event
  • We are also being energetically supported to elevate our own consciousness
  • Future devices to incorporate piezo-electric capabilities (orgone?); also allows Sirians to insert hidden/suppresed truths onto Internet system.



  1. This honestly blows my mind (in a positive way), leaving me in awe. And this is just the beginning of much bigger occurrences, OMG ..

    Shared on facebook.

    1. OMG indeed!! :D Imagine, Lee ~ "this" is the real deal...NOT this horribly limited existence we have been brainwashed into calling "Life", in limited consciousness. That's why "they" always remind us that we are creator gods and goddesses in our own right :)