18 February 2015

The Paradox Between "Reality" and "Illusion" ~ Essence Ka tha'ras ~ 17 February 2015

Source: Shamballaha & New Earth

Reality and Illusion, Truth and Fiction; there is a great paradox created with the comparison and contemplation of these.

The paradox is that Reality and Illusion each are both Truth and Fiction.
With our understanding of Quantum Physics expanding everyday many are beginning to realize what we believe to be a concrete reality is in truth, nothing more than a fiction created and held in form by our belief in it; remember beliefs are binding. Yet at the same time, from the perspective of existence as humans on planet Earth in physical matter’s manifest form, it is Truth that our everyday Reality is very much real and concrete. What we tend to forget is that what our Reality is, is determined by the thoughts and choices we make in every moment.

If you are here in physical manifest form there is no way to not experience the effects of the physical world. Even those we consider Master Souls, such as Buddha and Jesus, etc., experienced the concreteness of our reality when they chose to manifest into physical form. 

Cosmic Master Azure LOA stated,

To some, my words will forever remain fiction,
Yet to others they will ring as the truth of reality.
Whether it be their reality or the reality of some
other individual means nothing to me…
for I know in truth,
they are fiction and reality both.
For in honesty, All is Illusion…
and it is Illusion which gives power and form
to both fiction… and to the truth of realities, Any Reality.”

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