07 March 2015

17 March 2015: Day of The Reset ~ Cobra ~ 6 March 2015

Some personal thoughts follow, but you can proceed to Cobra's update here.
  • There's much to read into this update, and I believe we won't go far wrong with our attempts. It seems to hint way more than what the words are saying ~ I think that it's a very significant update which is intended to convey a lot of subtle information, without actually revealing too much.
  • The current (and last) Window of Opportunity closes on the 17th of March. That no further Windows of Opportunity are required underscores the fact that the situation has improved drastically.
  • We are all being granted a reset. Zero karmic debts, fresh clean slate. We should treasure this great Divine Gift and ensure that we don't start accumulating anew; we've all made mistakes one (life)time or other...forgive forgive forgive, including our own Selves.
  • Let's move forward and never look back!

Source: The Portal

As we are getting ready for the Event, we need to do the inner Reset.

The inner Reset means forgiveness of all debts, physical, energetic, emotional and spiritual. It means forgiveness to yourself and others. It will consequentially mean financial debt forgiveness when a critical mass of people realizes that we owe banksters nothing. It will consequentially mean the end of karma when a critical mass of people realizes that we spiritually owe Archons, gurus or God nothing:
Some people find it difficult forgiving the Cabal. True forgiveness to the Cabal can happen only after they are stopped in what they are doing. Before that, you can use your anger constructively by assisting in the planetary liberation process. Forgiving the Cabal will be easier if you understand that they are acting out of trauma they themselves have received in the past. After they are stopped, violence will solve nothing. Those who are unredeemable will go to the Galactic Central Sun for restructuring and the rest will feel their conscience giving them a really hard time when they finally realize what they have done:
Forgiveness is easy if you understand that everybody on this planet had some really traumatic experiences in this or any of the previous lifetimes. Each individual reacts upon those experiences in a unique way. To release the past and learn from it is the key to the new reality. We need to start focusing on how to make things work in the new society. Forgiveness will open a flow of cosmic Love upon the surface of this planet and this energy is exactly what the advanced extraterrestrial races need to anchor their ships here after the First Contact.

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