19 March 2015

Across the Threshold: Supermoon-Eclipse-Equinox Global Reboot! ~ Meg Benedicte ~ 18 March 2015

**Note: Bearing in mind that it's Spring for the Northern Hemisphere and Winter for the Southern.
"A total solar eclipse at the North Pole on the first day of spring
occurs once every 100,000 year."

Source: Meg Benedicte

How are you flowing with the intense cosmic energies? This week we are in the midst of some of the most extraordinary astrology of our lifetimes! Since 2012 humanity has been bombarded by a series of sharp 90 degree squares between evolutionary Pluto in Capricorn and revolutionary Uranus in Aries. The final 7th square occurred on Monday/Tuesday (March 16th/17th depending on time zone), creating a massive lightning bolt of omniscient Light infusion streaming from the Great Central Sun. It’s no coincidence the photonic geomagnetic surge erupted in a severe solar storm on Tuesday, visible in a stunning display of light in the night sky over parts of the United States, Europe, Australia and New Zealand.

The photon Light encodes advanced consciousness into our mind, heart and DNA – activating ancient knowledge sealed in the Akashic Records for centuries since the fall of Atlantis. The momentous astrological events this week act as openings, portals to higher realms of mysticism and alchemy, so that we can evolve back into living as Divine Humans. Alchemy is the profound process of conscious transformation – changing one form into another. Utilizing the heightened frequencies during this week’s cosmic reboot, we have the opportunity to embody the codes of divine blueprint and be alchemized ourselves.

Light consciousness streams through our energy field like body surfing a wave, it lifts us up into euphoria. The geomagnetic solar surge is propelling us directly into Friday’s rare cosmic lattice – a trifecta Supermoon, Total Eclipse of the sun and the Vernal Equinox, the time of the year when the day and night are of equal duration.
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