31 March 2015

Beyond Healing With Judy Satori and Bob Charles ~ 18 March 2015 Show

This is a reminder for those who resonate with Judy Satori's activations and healing frequencies that she now has a weekly show with Bob Charles via the Pyramid One Network. I'm just going to highlight the show from 18 March 2015, which has an activation which I feel would have a tremendous benefit for those who are interested.

This same show also has an opening prayer which Judy calls "Prayer of Initiation" by Mother Mary, which healers and those who have spiritual practices may find beneficial.

Back to the activation ~ this is the first transmission from this show, and it comes in at around the 8:30 minute mark. The energy aligns and tweaks the Hara Line to facilitate all the energetic shifts we are going through. I truly appreciated it, thank you Judy and Bob!

You can find the link to the show here at Judy's site, or from Bob's Pyramid One Network.

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