07 March 2015

Blog Stuff: Social Media, Comments and Translation

Judith Shaw
I'll keep this brief, I know there's way too much stuff to take in nowadays and many are feeling overwhelmed and exhausted. Hang in there, wonderful Light Family! Please know that we are definitely moving in the right direction!

Social Media
Just a reminder that I don't have Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ (well Google forced this on me but I don't use it) etc. Thank you very much for all your invitations to join, I do appreciate your kind intentions to connect but please know that I'm unable to respond.

Apologies to all who do not have a Google account and have to use other mediums, unsuccessfully, to write in with comments. I truly do not have a solution for this, and you are always very welcome to continue emailing me instead. If you wish to have your email posted as a comment, I will very happily do that for you. Otherwise, I'm just as happy to continue communicating via email :)

OK this one is pretty tricky for me. As I can only read English and Malay fluently, I rely on online translators for other languages. This sometimes takes time, and you may know that the translated results can be misleading sometimes. So please bear with me if I take longer than usual to reply, and apologies in advance if I don't quite get the interpretation correct.

And I'll remember to add the text to accompany images with embedded quotations, for translation purposes :)

OK done! Thank you for being with me on this wild, frustrating, mystical, mind-numbing, consciousness-expanding, blissed-out, bone-weary,  multidimensional journey back to Oneness. Much love to all 💜 and Namaste 



  1. Dear Grace,

    When I first discovered Denise, I read everything she wrote, even though I was a bit uncomfortable with all the low vibes present in the words. But then I stopped reading her because she was so heavy and always complaining aggressively and dramatically about everything she was going through.

    However, since I have come to respect your well-balanced perspectives, I thought I would give this article a try. Though I still found it hard to wade through, I did read most of it. Ironically, she was addressing the victim mentality that she has been so strongly projecting.

    And, I suspect that is part of the reason that she has drawn such aggressive attacks to herself. However, that may have been the way she set up her soul contract - to make herself an especially tasty vibrational 'target' for 'team dark.' Now, it seems that perhaps it is time for her to step into a new level of herself and shed that part of her contract.

    I was born into very dysfunctional family that ran on a total victim program and it set me up for many lower vibrational experiences that were very painful for my human self to negotiate, especially back when I was ignorant of my mission and still attempting to figure out how to be 'normal.'

    My childhood environment forced me to live as someone that I am not, but in the process I drew to me much of the family and collective 'goo' to transmute - which I have come to understand was the main purpose of the first part of this life - that plus anchoring light and a higher vision into the planet.

    Over the last few years, I have been emerging from the old programming and have begun to become more of my true self. That process will not be complete until we have fully entered the 5D frequencies and I have regained full multidimensional consciousness - and I am okay with all that because now I am not operating in the same state of confusion and ignorance that I had in the past.

    At least I now know the 'why' of where I am going, even if I do not have all the details of the 'how' I am going to get there.

    This is the time of the reset, where we forgive and release and bless everything - painful and otherwise - from our energy fields. That is essential at this time because almost everything from the old paradigm is about to become obsolete, even our most cherished spiritual teachings and life technologies.

    We are making a leap in evolution that has never been reached before in this Universe and we are the pioneers. So, the Company of Heaven cannot tell us exactly what to expect - because ascending within a body has never been done before. The Ascended masters left their bodies when they 'ascended' and so they have no more experience with this process than we do.

    What we are actually doing is 'descending' the higher self into the body while the body is working on 'ascending' its frequency high enough to allow the higher self to fully express through the body we already have instead of leaving that body behind.

    Oh, what exciting times these are - but I am still going to be so relieved when we are finished with this transition. I Am Way Past My Due Date!

    Thank you for your lovely blog. It is one of the few that I check everyday.

    May The Blessings Be...

    1. Namaste ShaunieL,

      Thank you so much for your beautiful wisdom...I truly enjoyed what you wrote. I found myself in total agreement and understanding with everything!

      Yes, there were many updates from Denise that I didn't post, because I felt they were not beneficial for my own journey. The ones I did post, I felt they had an underlying message that served a larger purpose. This latest one, I actually felt a huge pang of disappointment when I started reading it, but like you, I persevered. Ultimately, I did see that it served very well to illustrate her journey and her choices, and that her experience and learning would be something we could all learn from. I wish her a much brighter path from now on :)

      I'm sorry to hear about your childhood. It's the sort-of-typical story of the LightServer, yes? That's the trend I definitey see when LightServers reveal their early years or youth. I've come to understand that in addition to the "heavy lifting" we were required to perform on behalf of Humanity, our lifestreams were also "tampered" with by the dark, just to make sure we find it almost impossible to awaken and then to proceed thereafter.

      The crucial and most vital thing (for your Soul path) is that you are where you are now, awakened, aware and conscious...in spite of and against all odds. Sounds like your mission was a great success :)

      Thank you for appreciating what I do...and here comes the cliche but I really mean every word...I wouldn't be doing this if not for the beautiful Souls like you who are on the same general path :) We support each other, and together we are creating Divine New Energy!

      ShaunieL, I am so touched by your wisdom that I'm going to feature what you wrote as a post by itself, because so many can benefit from it. So if you have no objections, I will post what you wrote from "Over the last few years..." onwards.

      You are shining your Light every so brightly!!

      Much Love and many Blessings,

    2. Dearest Grace,

      Your reply brought me to tears. It makes me feel more at peace with all the sacrifices that I chose to make in this life in order to 'stay on mission.' I did not volunteer, I was asked to come in. Before I agreed, I perused many golden books of wisdom while asking, 'Is it time yet? Is it time yet?'

      When I was sure it was time for the shift to finally occur, I then agreed... and the rest is, as they say, history.

      However, to help 'make history' I had to forgo having a marriage partner, a family, a home and a career as an artist and musician - even though I had a number of opportunities offered. My career has been that of a ‘professional nomad’ in order to move often and anchor Light wherever it was needed - while avoiding the cabal as much as possible.

      And, 'we' are making 'history' on this planet as we complete our unprecedented evolutionary experiment. Ascending in our human bodies while our Higher Selves gradually Descend to express through the body has never been attempted before.

      When a planet ascended before, the populace was removed, the planet went through its cleansing process and then beings were allowed to come back. In agreement with Gaia, ‘we’ decided to try something new.

      ‘We’ also added a twist in December 2012. Only a third of the people were ready to ascend, so the human collective soul petitioned to please let us all 'come together.' It meant giving the cabal one last chance to wake up while we endured the chaos in their final death throes of losing the powerful control to which they had become so heavily addicted.

      This really surprised the Light Forces, because it had shown up only as a tiny probability in the energy of our future timelines. That added on another 2 year delay to the 10 year delay that the cabal had caused by creating the 9/11 Twin Towers attack.

      In 1995, the cabal were informed by Archangel Michael that in the year 2000, they were to begin gradually sharing their hoarded knowledge, wealth, advanced energy and sonic healing technologies with humanity.

      By December of 2012, everyone was to have been given all they needed to raise their awareness and body frequencies enough for Ascension to happen at the end of 2012.

      In the year 2000, I was had much more vitality and enthusiasm. Now, I am feeling stretched very thin and it is a struggle to keep ‘going through the motions’ of the old paradigm when every day it feels more foreign.

      That is why I wrote, ‘I am past my due date.’ Others I know feel the same, even many young people.

      The good news? The end begins in 2015 and continues into 2017, according to Matthew Ward. But David Wilcox has revealed that recent info from insiders indicates our process has been accelerated.

      Oh, I do pray he is correct. My options for surviving in 3D grow thin. It has been quite a challenge to survive while remaining true to 5D reality and not 'selling out' to have a successful career in 3D.

      In fact, I was once told in a reading that I had 'succeeded' in this lifetime by 'failing' in the 3D material world. To realize that I was my Higher Self and 'forgive My Higher Self' for what it/I had put my human self through was my challenge.

      Seems your comment about my mission being 'a great success' is true. But it has been really confusing, frustrating and lonely for my human self. Only recently am I coming to terms with this life, and through forgiveness making Peace with my Higher Self.

      On another note: Though I started on blogger with a site called Dreaming2013, it became difficult to keep up with for various reasons, even though it is still getting hits, so I let it go.

      New Year’s Eve 2014, I created a new one called Dreaming2017, but it has been a challenge to keep up with it as a full time student with a part time job, but now I am re-inspired to make the time.

      Thank you for all that you do, it is much appreciated.

      May The Blessings Be...

    3. Namaste ShaunieL,

      We are making history indeed...Cosmic history! This is something we forget so easily but the Higher Beings try very hard to remind us, over and over. Not only in terms of Planetary and Humanity Ascension (without death) but also at an accelerated pace. And we have the Divine ability to expedite the process even more...just by the choices we make on a daily basis, moment by moment :) And yes, many others have been saying for years that this process has been exponentially sped up through Divine Design.

      Bilbo Baggins confessed to Frodo that he felt like "butter scraped over too much bread". I've been recalling that quote frequently over the past 2+ years, post-2012, because it describes exactly how I feel. That is what I think now when I read what you say about being stretched thin. I agree, many are feeling this way, and has nothing to do with biological age, but Soul age. I also believe in timeloops (thankfully they have stopped because we succeeded in breaking through Dec 2012) which also account for the weariness from repeating this "mission".

      Just hang in there, ShaunieL...and keep shining your vibrant Light. We WILL get there, together, all of us. Keep your vibes high, and know that each day we get closer to the New Reality that we came here to help manifest. Just remember to co-create with your Divinity!

      I wish you many Blessing on your path, and just as many for the re-birth of your Blog, to celebrate our on-going Ascension :)

      Much Love,

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