20 March 2015

Chimera Situation Update ~ Cobra ~ 19 March 2015

I will need to read this again to better understand the situation!

PS. Just a little note to highlight that one of the references in this update is Untwine's "Contingency", which I've posted before. If you haven't yet read it, please do ~ it's basically the story of Creation and the rise of the prime anomaly, very well told (there are several versions).

Source: The Portal

Clearing of the Chimera group continues. What is remaining is the network of plasma implants, connected with each other through the Tunnels of set, and tied to the plasmatic strangelet and toplet bombs.

This implant network was slowly built throughout millions of years across this quadrant of the Galaxy by mad scientists of the Chimera group who were master strategy planners of the Orion / Draco / Reptilian military complex.

Everybody now incarnated on planet Earth still has those implants, as we have received them upon or before entry in the quarantine Earth area. They are plasma micro black holes, rotating in a strong plasmatic electromagnetic field. Their purpose is to distort spacetime to keep maintaining the primary anomaly and thus planet Earth quarantine status:


You need to understand that the physical plane matter is just a condensed plasma wave and plasma anomaly reflects directly on the physical plane.

As the Light forces progressed with the liberation of the Galaxy through the millennia, the dark forces retreated towards planet Earth, their last stronghold. By manipulating quantum anomaly and activating many negative stargates with nukes and particle accelerators after WW2 and especially after 1996 they have actually managed to turn our planet into a quantum stargate / well which attracts all remaining primary anomaly from the rest of the universe:

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