18 March 2015

Cobra Interview with Untwine 15 March 2015

Here's the latest Untwine interview with Cobra, with transcript. I've picked out some information that to me was especially relevant to highlight, as well as added some remarks in my own attempt to augment some of the topics covered, for those interested. You can also proceed straight to the interview on the following link, where you will also find a hauntingly beautiful whale-song-infused 432 Hz track, composed by Untwine.

Recreating Balance : Interview Transcript

  • Also for many beings inside this galaxy this drama is very foreign, actually it’s also very foreign to me because darkness is something that should not exist, it’s something that was never meant to exist, and is alien to most ancient beings in this universe.
  • Actually you could say that Osiris is symbolic manifestation of male principle, and Isis symbolic manifestation of female principle, and Horus or Ganesha is symbolic representation of the child.
  • The purpose of this archetype is to awaken the inner child, the innocence in every human being, because human beings have been programmed to suppress the inner child, because the inner child is our key to access the emotions, and when this access is not blocked, it is not possible to control and manipulate human beings. So the archons have done a lot to suppress the inner child, to control human population more easily.
  • Not that many just a few thousand people, so this is far from the critical mass (referring to participation in Planetary Liberation meditation).
** Personal Notes:

  • International Peace Garden between US-Canada border ~ if I'm not mistaken, David Wilcock pointed out the similarities between this structure and the Georgia Guidestones, both of which were built with negative intentions. Cobra has confirmed this about the former in this interview and has thankfully clarified that it can also be used by the Light forces
  • Hyperborea: based on the information brought forth by Rudolf Steiner, this was the second root race, after the etheric Polareans. Hyperboreans were therefore the first corporeal beings
  • Tunnels: I feel there's a lot of misunderstanding where "underground tunnels" have been unfortunately linked with the negative beings. Because of this association, there is a tendency to consider ALL things "underground"as negative. I have actually read/heard many sources say that Inner Earth beings are reptilians or other negative races, due to this incorrect assumption. If we remember that our intra-terrestrial brethren exist in realms far, far below the surface of the planet (800 miles at least) and that the negative beings' tunnels are perhaps just a few miles below the surface, this misunderstanding would be cleared up.

Many thanks to Untwine for the interview, and energy expanding whale-song 432 track :)

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