03 March 2015

Comments by David Wilcock on Ben Fulford's Article ~ 2 March 2015

KP has once again compiled David Wilcock's comments from Ben Fulford's site. This is yet another source who is affirming that very positive events are unfolding, and that indeed much progress is being made. We've just had Cobra's intel confirming that the Tunnels of Set is "complete", the Galactis Team reporting on the Sirians, and now we hear of Blue Avian Beings stepping in. All this in addition to the already numerous numbers of Extra- and Intra-terrestrial Beings, Angelic Realms, and Ground Crew teams. All adding to the massive Cosmic effort already in place to assist us through this Grand Shift into Light. We have so much to be thankful and grateful for!!

David mentions the Anunnakis; Sheldan Nidle told us some time ago that the Anchara Alliance (which the Anunnaki were part of) surrendered to the Light in 1994.

Source: Kauilapele's Blog

David has been quite active this morning, and shares some fascinating (and uplifting) intel data he has received. So… hold on of the ride here… there’s a bunch of them.
PS: if you have (or are) cats, they may get very excited by this information!
“My own sources independently confirmed that Charles would never become King, and would be forced to abdicate to William, so I do have independent confirmation on that.

“100 spheres the size of either Neptune or Jupiter have entered our solar system in the last 2-3 years. There were many others the size of our Moon that came in between 1999 and 2001…

“The Cabal used an advanced weapon to fire on one of the Moon-sized ones in mid-December. The object lit up, becoming a bright red spot in the sky that people saw… and redirected the beam back to the base it came from. This caused serious damage and some loss of life… Since that time we have had the no-fly zone around the earth and the quarantine around our solar system. No one who was already here is being allowed to leave — either from Earth or any of the “colonies,” as they are called.
“The group that has appeared from the spheres is called the “Blue Avians.”… One of the five main factions in the Space Program, named Solar Warden, is allied with them now, and they are working with the Alliance on earth, but never the Cabal… The… main thing they said was that Cabal people were defecting over into the Alliance and altering the plans.

“The key is that the Avians want us to move into a loving and peaceful world. They want this transition, similarly, to be as peaceful as possible.

“The Blue Avians appear to be the same Ra that delivered the Law of One. They started out as a positive source — which were drawn as the hawk-headed “Gods” well after they left — and were quickly misconstrued as negative. They repeatedly say in the Law of One that the hawk is their symbol.

“I do not know if we are ever going to actually see the Blue Avians. This group works behind the scenes… However, if the Snowden documents contain tons of data on the Secret Space Program, then we may be in store for a wild ride. That would be the closest we would get to a confirmation that this data about the spheres is correct.

“…one of the things that has made the Cabal so upset is the Blue Avians have short-circuited them and have gone directly out and contacted the people. This can come in the form of a visible orb of light in the room. Most of the people getting this are being

“downloaded” some sort of information… I think a great number of us have had some degree of “downloading” from these angelic beings already, whether we realize it or not.”
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  1. Much more about the “Sphere Beings” and ONE OF THEIR 4 ALLIES, the “Blue Avians” can be found on the site of DW’s Whistle Blower who was in the SSP and is in communication with them (GoodETxSG AKA Luke, ME) At: http://goodetxsg-secretspaceprogram.blogspot.com/

    I am also doing a TON of Q & A’s on the subject at a Forum “The One Truth” (AKA TOT), Link on his site…

    I am going to have to become a lot more public than I had ever planned because of these recent developments. I’m not exactly excited about that aspect and quite nervous. There is quite a bit of information coming in and I hope the information will be focused on and not any individuals. Please put it through your personal “Discernment Filter” and do not just blindly Accept or Close Your Mind to the information.
    GoodETxSG (Contact me through the website)