25 March 2015

Doorway to Destiny: Divinity Made Manifest ~ Laren C Gorgo ~ 23 March 2015

Source: Think With Your Heart

Happy Astro New Year!

We are officially inside the long awaited, supercharged portal precipitated by the equinox/new (super) moon/solar eclipse combo…what has been heralded by the star beings as THE defining moment of 2015.

On the way to this moment, so much has changed within us that it’s somewhat eerie.   We have disconnected so fully from 3D life that it’s been feeling very Sandra Bullock in Gravity lately…free floating around in our own universe, spiraling wildly out of control at times, with no concept of time/space and left only with our thoughts8O

In addition to the deafening silence are those fading people, places & situations that still uphold our 3D past.  So much of the old world and those who still participate in it now seem very away…sadly, even some of those who we love dearly but can’t really relate to any longer.  Yet, we know that our time has officially come to make peace with our past, see the blessings in our pain, and let go of any remaining grievances.

There’s a distinct feeling of finality in the air, an emptiness that can be filled with grief at times as we mourn the loss of so much struggle, and those people we struggled with along the way. At other times there is great gratitude for all the roles we’ve played, lessons we’ve learned, and even a hint of anticipation mixed with anxiety and perhaps a dash of trepidation about where and how our birth will be delivered on the other side of the eclipses.


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