10 March 2015

Empowered Wisdom from ShaunieL Miller


I received a comment from a dear Soul just a couple of days ago, and I felt that what she wrote needed to be shared, so that we all can be reminded, once again, of the why-what-why-who-why-when-why-how of our current Lives here on this beloved Planet. The why's are always the loudest... :)  We need the constant reminders because they are reassuring, and they help us take that next step forward.

I'll just take a couple of lines to also once again remind ourselves that not only are we ascending in our physical bodies (without going through the death process), we are also ascending as a collective race of Earth Humans, together with Mother Gaia's planetary ascension. These three separate streams occurring together is a Cosmic first. Add to that the "Changing of Guards" from dark to Light...well...it's just fabulously awesome. No wonder we have the Cosmic Spotlight shining on us....

Now let's enjoy ShaunieL Miller's empowered words of wisdom. You can read the complete comment here).
 Over the last few years, I have been emerging from the old programming and have begun to become more of my true self. That process will not be complete until we have fully entered the 5D frequencies and I have regained full multidimensional consciousness - and I am okay with all that because now I am not operating in the same state of confusion and ignorance that I had in the past.

At least I now know the 'why' of where I am going, even if I do not have all the details of the 'how' I am going to get there.

This is the time of the reset, where we forgive and release and bless everything - painful and otherwise - from our energy fields. That is essential at this time because almost everything from the old paradigm is about to become obsolete, even our most cherished spiritual teachings and life technologies.

We are making a leap in evolution that has never been reached before in this Universe and we are the pioneers. So, the Company of Heaven cannot tell us exactly what to expect - because ascending within a body has never been done before. The Ascended masters left their bodies when they 'ascended' and so they have no more experience with this process than we do.
What we are actually doing is 'descending' the higher self into the body while the body is working on 'ascending' its frequency high enough to allow the higher self to fully express through the body we already have instead of leaving that body behind.


  1. Thank you Grace, for your kind appreciation of my comment.

    There is a very interesting article posted today at heartstar.org That seems to be in alignment with the theme of 'grace' and gives some fascinating insights into the actual energetic process that Gaia / We are experiencing during this transition.


    1. Definitely my pleasure, and thanks for the alert, ShaunieL :) Yes, I saw it yesterday and didn't get round to reading it...I will by today, along with a whole bunch of other stuff :D Let's see how much progress I make...