20 March 2015

Entering The Event Horizon: It Truly Is A New Dawn ~ Carol Ann Ciocco

I haven't yet viewed/read all the external references (there are several!) the actual message itself is very informative. As a side-note, Carol mentions here that although science currently doesn't really know what's inside or on the other side of a Black Hole, she offers this notion: "I like to pretend that once you enter a Black Hole you pop out The Other Side into a White Hole!" If I remember correctly, Nassim Haramein has mentioned that a White Hole does indeed exist on the other side of a Black Hole.

Source: Three Moon Ocean

RE: We are in the midst of (1) the most important week of the year, and (2) a weird Event Horizon Tube of propulsion toward the Power Day of March 20, 2015. Read on for more. Love Abounds and Spirit Prevails!

March 18, 2015 // Hi Everyone, some energies entered Earth's field yesterday and I had an awareness of a different kind of consciousness space for the 3 days of March 17, March 18 and March 19. Perhaps you did too. So I did a quick video on the subject, and also am providing some written information below. If the click-through link to the video doesn't work for you, you can access it here: http://youtu.be/-SdV0CVYHTU

Note from Carol: I am writing this newsletter very quickly and will be doing a video to accompany it. The fact is I don't really understand all that I'm talking about here (!) It is a bit of channeled felt-sense. The space we are in is very weird, and so we try to use our words to describe it. I hope you glean something from the text, or perhaps the subtext, or the video. If you don't want to read the text, please do scroll down to the bottom for exact times of the Eclipse Path. If you are so inclined, Follow along in your mind's eye! What is the Eclipse Eye showing us? What is the message of this Light and Shadow play? 

IT TRULY IS A NEW DAWN. A long cold Polar Night is now lifting. Are you feeling it? We are now in the Heart of the Spring 2015 Polar Dawn Eclipse Portal. This is the week we've been waiting for.


The 7th of 7 Uranus-Pluto Squares is behind us now, having occurred on Monday night March 16, 2015 (Eastern time). The next morning (Tuesday March 17) a surprisingly large and impactful solar storm entered Earth's atmosphere at the North Pole.

Stunning Auroras were seen in Iceland, and as far south as Pennsylvania and Ohio. Some lucky folks in Maine were treated to darkening skies streaked through with green lights - and on St. Patrick's Day no less!

Oliver Wright, an Aurora photographer who stayed up all night taking pics in Kiruna, Sweden, said "I've never seen purples as deep as this before!" PURPLE - the color of the Crown Chakra.

As we've seen in our exploration of this Portal, it is first and foremost carrying the energy of a Crown Chakra opening and a Spiritual Awakening. Especially since the Total Solar Eclipse on March 20 'cuts off' the top of the Earth, opening up her Crown Chakra.

Watch my videos at my YouTube Channel http://bit.ly/1MOc64N for much info on the Crown Chakra aspects of this eclipse. Especially this video: http://bit.ly/1DAR7Tr 

Here are some links to catch up on the solar energies which lit up Earth on March 17, as if in response to the Uranus-Pluto square the night before!

Solar Activity Update: http://bit.ly/19zOBAq 

From Accuweather: http://bit.ly/1LqF53b 

From Spaceweather.com, Realtime Aurora Photo Gallery: http://bit.ly/19gZpSd 

Please note that there is another incoming solar storm - and it will show up on Friday March 20, 2015 - the day that the Sun is eclipsed totally and the Polar Night ends.

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