12 March 2015

Final Uranus-Pluto Square: Cosmic Release! ~ Meg Benedicte ~ 11 March 2015

Here's yet another article that highlights the completion of the Uranus-Pluto square on 16-17 March 2015, thereby providing yet another reason for us to do serious inner work. What with this planetary alignment, the Solar Eclipse and Equinox all occurring, let's intend for some major shifting to manifest!

Source: New Earth Central

Drum roll please…we are entering the final days of the 2012 Astrology (exact 15 degrees Cardinal signs) that all the Light Bearers/Starseeds/Pathcutters/System Busters have been working tirelessly to transform the planetary consciousness into a new collective paradigm of 5D/6D Oneness. The Cosmic Ascension Plan initiated sweeping change to life on Gaia, causing a ripple-effect deep into the dimensional grids during the end years of the Galactic Alignment — 2012 through 2016. We can expect more souls awakening to their spiritual evolution occurring in the years to come.

Next week on March 16-17th (depending on time zone) will be the final Uranus-Pluto square – initiating more sustainability in all areas of life on planet earth. This square revisits the themes of the Uranus-Pluto conjunctions of the 1960’s and the counter-culture revolution and protests against the controlling, destructive establishment. Society has reached the ‘no pass’ zone of global pollution, war, poverty and pestilence. The rising tide of human desire eschews violence, corruption, prejudice and inequality. We will see more and more evidence of changing trends and populace acceptance of diversity. This last Uranus/Pluto Cardinal square will be felt constantly throughout 2015 and 2016.

For the past 3 years the Uranus-Pluto square held us suspended in a tense hinge-point between progress and destruction. The dual spin polarity created immense stress between those who are contracting, conserving energy, holding onto the past vs. those who are expanding, progressing, and releasing the past. This escalating tension will unlock after March 16-17th with the completion of the exact square…opening the gates for a different future outcome. It resembles a release-valve unlocking all pent-up pressure in a burst of force – so that all stuck energy may flow forward again. This cosmic pressure release will help us ‘purge’ any remaining toxic sludge/karma/ego/entanglement with the Mind Matrix.

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