08 March 2015

Fundamental Aspects of Love on the Sheila Show ~ Judy Satori ~ 5 March 2015

This is the description for Judy's 63-minute show with Sheila Gayle:

In February 2013 Judy Satori spent nine days communing with Mary Magdalene at the Grotto of La Sainte Baume in Provence, France. She was called there to receive what Mary called Transcripts, a set of teachings about balancing four fundamental aspects of love, energy vibrations which when balanced in body and mind, lead the way to joy. In this interview Judy will tell you what the Transcripts, the teachings of Mary actually ARE and how they will open you the more love in your life. Judy will transmit Mary’s energy during this interview.

On this call, Judy shares:
  • Judy’s story – the magic of nine days spent communing with Mary Magdalene.
  • A discussion of what the Transcripts actually ARE and how they are balanced within body and mind.
  • The love vibration and how it is balanced.
  • What will happen for you in your life when the fundamental aspects of love are balanced.
  • An energy transmission from Mary Magdalene.

I haven't yet listened to the audio. You can read more at this page:

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