09 March 2015

Going Within, Letting Go, Forgive, Repeat

This is just me, thinking out loud :)

To start off, here's a joke that I featured in my Amethyst Road newsletter in 2008:

This guy was climbing a tree when suddenly he slipped, then grabbed at a branch and was hanging there. After an hour or so had passed he felt himself getting exhausted and looked up to the heavens and cried out: "God, help me, please, help me."

All of a sudden the clouds parted and a voice boomed out from on high.

"Let Go!" said the voice.

The guy paused and looked up at heaven once more, then said:
"Is there anyone else up there?"

Current Cycle
A year  before, in 2007, I had gone through a great personal clearing and cleansing in my Life, so I was able to both laugh at it as well as truly understand the sobering meaning of the immense faith it required to let go. I now call the process "The Big Let Go", thanks to Kuthumi via Michelle Manders (then Eloff). Since then, I have noticed that it's been quite a periodical affair, cycles of going within, clearing, cleansing and letting go. When you think you're done, the next cycle comes up again, and the process repeats. It feels like we're srubbing ourselves layer by layer until we reveal the Divine diamond essence of Source within. The good news is that it gets easier with each cycle. The even better news is that as with all these cycles, we end up closer to where we are heading.

I've been feeling since February like I'm entering another cycle, and I'm confident enough to state that many are, too. It's like we are all being issued an "invitation" to go within, so those who are aware of this will see it as such, while those who are not will simply skip the process (unless otherwise mandated by their own Divinity!). With the momentous March Equinox just days away, Sandra Walter has already given notice of her going incommunicado while Denise LeFay has encouraged us to release whatever no longer serves us. Cobra has informed us that the 17th will be the Day of the Inner Reset, requiring us to go within and facilitate our karmic clearing. Interestingly enough (because I associate him with his beautiful Sacred Geometry art more than his writing), Janosh wrote this about the 17th (you can read the whole thing here):

"We are going in the direction of a turning point that is going to happen in March and according to astrological sources this is going to be at the time of the Spring Equinox. Everywhere in the world people are talking about this Grand Cross, you can find information on a number of websites, but there are not many sources that actually link this to our growing process on earth. Or should I say: our cleansing process. Energetically speaking we will be cleansed from our karma and on a human level letting go of quite a lot. Many are feeling this, but do not dare to make contact with it because of their fear of disconnecting from reality and not being able to function any longer in the ‘normal world’. We are afraid of losing control."

March 17th is when the Uranus-Pluto alignment under the Grand Cross influence concludes, bringing about accelerated transformations (I'm paraphrasing, I don't really get astrology), for the few who were wondering, like me :)

So this cycle looks like it's going to be even more potent and profound, with the added element of the karmic reset.

Karmic Healing Through Forgiveness and Ho'oponopono
Several years ago, I read about how a therapist named Dr Ihaleakala Hew Len managed to heal an entire ward of psychiatric patients in a relatively short time, without even seeing them in person, through the use of the Hawaiian healing technique called Ho'oponopono. I was both intrigued and disturbed by the account; the "intrigued" part is obvious, so let me explain the "disturbed". 

Due to insufficient understanding, I was very concerned that Ho'oponopono implied that I was personally responsible for the situation. I felt that I was being held accountable, and it made me uncomfortable because I've been aware of karma since I was young. I kept thinking, "I didn't do anything wrong!" Happily, I now know better.

I'm aware that there are many sources that explain the concept and workings of Ho'oponopono, but I needed to come to my own understanding. I realised that if I remember that we all come from the same Source and apply the related principles of morphogenetic fields, I could embrace the concept without personal bias or discomfort.

The Morphogenetic Fields
Some may take issue with this, but I believe that we are all hurting on some level or to a certain degree, one way or another, unless we are already ascended. We are disconnected from Source, we feel separate, and we hurt. We have forgotten Who We Truly Are, and we are acting out in a desperate longing for connection with Source, just like a lost child desperately seeks its parents, hurting from the experience. This is just the make-up of Life at the moment, which is why we are doing the releasing and clearing, cleaning and healing one level before moving on to the next. That means that our morphogenetic fields are also "hurting". 

Using a recent reference (Placentia ~ posted here), we are constantly tapping into unhealed energies of the morphogenetic fields that are perpetually being recycled (and reinforced) back. If we heal the fields completely, we will heal ourselves completely. This is entirely possible by clearing the fields through Ho'oponopono, done on a wide-scale. A re-setting back to the state of "zero", as Dr Len terms it. 

Keeping It At Zero
The way I see this karmic reset/clearing is as a Divine gift to rescind karma and wipe the slate clean. It would be a colossal mistake if we were to start the karmic book-keeping all over again. So let's ensure that the balance remains at zero :)

Why Do We Have To Forgive?
That's simple enough...because we can :)  And we do it for those who can't :)  Or won't :)
We do it for ourselves, and we do it for Humanity, in service to Source :)

All the dark ones? They are hurting the most, or else they wouldn't be able to do what they are doing. A very kind analogy would be that they are the school bullies, acting out in some manner of rage stemming from a huge, unhealed hurt. As Prince Ea said:

They know not what they do, because they know not WHO THEY ARE!

But WE DO...We know Who We Truly Are, and that makes us empowered individuals capable of making great things happen. Remember, we are creator gods and goddesses, Sovereign in our own right, incarnated Divine aspects of Source.

Together, we are a creative force that's capable of catalysing this Shift. Let's put our abilities into action! Namaste <3


  1. Wow...great joke and wonderful post! It fits right in with what I've been feeling lately. We've already done this...it's just taking the "physical" awhile to catch up! :)


    1. Thank you, Stargazer, glad you enjoyed both :D Yep, let's shorten the gap time! Namaste