15 March 2015

GoodETxSG Secret Space Program Site

Secret Space Program Documentary

If you have read/heard the information that David Wilcock disclosed recently, either here in this blog or elsewhere, you would remember the subject of the Blue Avian Beings. After I posted that, I did further research into the Blue Avians to see what else has been written about them, and was led to the GoodETxSG site. It turns out that this is the source (or at least one of them) that DW was quoting in his disclosure information! I had intended to post about the site, but inadvertently forgot about it. That happens a lot, unfortunately :/ 

Anyway, here it is now, having being reminded just a few minutes ago :)

Please note that the author encourages the reader to filter everything that is being read, and to use discernment.

Here for the site: GoodETxSG


  1. Hello "Luke" aka "GoodETxSG" here,

    A Series of Major "Alliance Conferences" at LOC/Lunar Operation Command (Same time frame as "Putin being reported as Missing"). SSP Alliance & "Defectors" from Secret Earth Governments & "Other SSP's" present for presentation by "Blue Avian" (Raw-Tear-Eir) & "INTRODUCTION"/FIRST VISIT by Second of Four "Sphere Alliance" Being (10+ Ft Tall, Golden/Brown Skin, Triangle/Teardr op Shaped Head etc.). Full Report that is available so far of this "Being" and the LOC Conference/Briefing on the Web Site Below until David Wilcock does his complete Article and Download of this information

    And Note fully taken and agreed with about what is coming out of "Avalon" right now. I was used and abused in that Forum. I had no idea what I was getting into or I would have come to DW directly for the full SSP and "Other" Black Ops Programs History involvement I had.

    Do note that there in coming weeks on DivineCosmos.com there are going to be some extremely extensive and through articles and reports on all of this subject matter. DW spent weeks and many hours vetting me with his other SSP Insiders and to this point he stated I have had over 230 points of correlation with no "Red Flags" or signs of deception. This includes insider information from the programs that has never been shared by anyone on the Internet or in SSP Presentations. It was quite a process but DW does not mess around when it comes to vetting his sources. This coming information/articles are going to be extremely interesting and eye opening.


    1. Thanks Luke, I'll post your comment separately on its own, Namaste!