20 March 2015

Gravity Glue 2014 ~ Michael Grab

How are you doing during this power-packed period, dear Light Family? Fierce geomagnetic storms and heightened solar activity, total Solar eclipse, Supermoon, Equinox... May you all be blessed with all the glorious Divine energies raining pouring torentially flooding us :)  Take it all in with Love and Gratitude, ask and intend that your physical bodies harmonise with all these amped-up frequencies 💖

Let's take a 10-minute break from our inner work and immerse ourselves in the breath-taking world of Michael Grab. He is a Rock Whisperer whose creations are stupendous and unbelievably impossible. At first I thought to myself that he's defying Gravity, but then realised later on that he wasn't at all defying anything....he was working in alignment with Gravity!  He was truly One with the elements; he and his beautiful creations seamlessly blending with each other.

This is a 10-minute video that left me spell-bound. Don't be surprised if after you view it, you actually feel that you've had another inner workout! Ahhhh....bliss!

Watch the video here.

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