24 March 2015

Healing With Mother Gaia

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It's been quite a week. I don't really know what's happening "behind-the-scenes" but I can definitely say that there must be numerous events that have occurred or are still on-going. I don't just mean the daily drama unfolding "out there"; I'm also referring to other energetic and non-surface events, unseen and unknown, for the time being.

By yesterday afternoon, I knew I was in urgent need of serious healing, on an energetic and emotional level. Sometimes, when I can feel the collective energies but can't "see" what's going on, it can get quite challenging and overwhelming. There must have been a massive clearing in the collective consciousness on the Planet, and I felt this huge sense of grief and loss. This has happened before several times, but this time, it felt "different". I don't quite know how to describe it...it felt "retroactive", as if the clearing reached so far back into an ancient time. It was as if history itself was being healed.

I had to turn to Mother Gaia for some major healing on an energetic level that only she can administer. Healing with Mother Gaia is something I do now and then, especially when I've done quite a bit of energy healing for others. In situations like that, my spiritual tools don't work as well.

And so I started my healing meditation with Mother Gaia. I wallowed in her embrace and nurturing energies, letting all thoughts go. In just a short while, I felt so much better.

Then, something unexpected happened. I was ready to come out of meditation when I realised that Mother Gaia herself was also going through a major clearing. Of course, our collective clearing would affect her that way, but this wasn't it. I got an image where a layer of "something" was being literally sucked (in a non-violent manner) away form her. This layer covered the surface and was being pulled into a vortex, like an invisible vacuum cleaner. This layer felt ancient, very rigid and fixed, but despite that it was being pulled off the surface and into the vortex.

I wish to clarify something at this point. Earlier in the week, when Cobra released his Chimera update,  I felt quite upset when I read the part about our Planet being turned into a cosmic "well":

"As the Light forces progressed with the liberation of the Galaxy through the millennia, the dark forces retreated towards planet Earth, their last stronghold. By manipulating quantum anomaly and activating many negative stargates with nukes and particle accelerators after WW2 and especially after 1996 they have actually managed to turn our planet into a quantum stargate / well which attracts all remaining primary anomaly from the rest of the universe."

The reason I mention this is because I don't know if what I saw was in some way influenced by that statement and therefore created by my subconscious desire for the "vacuuming" to take place. However, I would like to believe that a major clearing is successfully being carried out, and that what I saw/was shown is indeed valid.

I offer Love and Gratitude to Mother Gaia in my daily meditations; if you feel guided, please do so as well, in your own way :)  Namaste!


  1. Gaia's clearing goes on in spite of where the collective is in its process and your vision gave me a much needed boost of inspiration. I know this is all unfolding according to Natural Law, but it really helps my human self to 'see' some proof that it is actually happening.

    Thanks and Many Blessings...

    1. Sometimes looking at the outer collective can be a surreal experience!

      Yes, I know what you mean about proof. That would actually make it easier for those working to accelerate the Shift as well as for Muggles who don't currently buy into all of "this" :) Blessings, ShaunieL

  2. This is one of the posts I couldn't seem to comment on at the time you posted it, Grace. Perhaps I should have persisted, but I wasn't as peeved at this technology as I am today--or as determined to add my 2 cents.

    Anyway...I meant to send you encouragement by sharing the viewpoint that the Earth being a "cosmic well" all makes perfect sense. If you're going to clean your house and sweep all the floors (so to speak), you sweep it all into a little pile in the corner. Then you sweep it into a dustpan (or vacuum it up) and dispose of it.

    In any case, I've been more and more encouraged every day at our cleanup efforts. This place is gonna be squeaky-clean and sparkling before we're through with her!


    With Love,


  3. Oh. My. Gosh. This is RIDICULOUS. This technology STINKS!

    This is my second attempt at posting this comment--even with a PC. I'm going to say this and get it across, one way or another...even if I have to send it by frickin' carrier pigeon!!!!!

    This is one of the posts I tried to comment on earlier and couldn't.

    I hoped to express the point that Earth as a "cosmic well" made perfect sense to me. After all, if you're going to clean the floors in your house, don't you sweep all the dust and dirt into a small pile or a corner? Then you sweep it into a dustpan or vacuum it up and dispose of it. Seems to me that's exactly what's happening to all this negativity and control. Universe has swept it all into a corner and before we know it we'll have tossed it all in the dustbin to be appreciated--and moved on to create NEW.

    This place is gonna be squeaky-clean and sparkling by the time we're done with her!

    With Love (and even more Determination),


    1. Every iota of your determination is acknowledged and deeply appreciated, Stargazer!!

      I like your analogy (but I still feel that pang knowing that Mother Gaia is that "corner") and I for one can't wait to start cleaning it all up and tossing it away, for the Universal Incinerator to transmute it back into Love. If memory serves, I think it was Michael Ellegion who described us as the "Cosmic Clean-up Crew" :)

      Btw, is that your carrier pigeon at my window...?

      Much Love and many thanks, Grace