13 March 2015

Is the Legend of Atlantis Incomplete? The 13th Day of Zac ~ Essence Ka tha'ras ~ 11 March 2015

A clarification first ~ there are several references to the Mayan calendar system in this post. Although I understand the significance of the Great Cycles and the various "counts", culminating in 2012, my knowledge goes no further than this. In this message, while I don't comprehend the calendar references, I am however very fascinated with the Atlantis information.

As we know, there is a huge contingent of Souls incarnate at the moment that were in Atlantis. From what I understand, there is a need for these Souls to heal the trauma of the Fall of Atlantis; some may have innocently perished, some may have played an intentional role that led to the Fall, some may have tried in vain to prevent it. I also was told by a dear Soul (who was in Atlantis) that in this incarnation, she needed to understand that this time around, we wouldn't be wiped out.

So there is much playing out right now in our own world which mirrors many circumstances in Atlantis before the Fall. Many Souls are also re-enacting their roles, some in an attempt to exert even more control, and some trying to counter it. And some having to heal their trauma over the Fall.

This message therefore is most interesting to me. Although I believe that I did not have a full incarnation in Atlantis, I nevertheless have a keen interest in it due to some indirect connection. And apologies for posting this late, the anniversary date mentioned has passed....

Source: Shambahalla & New Earth

Back on October 1st of 2014 I asked the questions…

What if I told you the “story” we believe to be the “Legend of Atlantis” is incomplete? What would you say?

What if I told you the story of the “Legend of Atlantis” that we believe to be what happened, is not really what happened at all? What would you say?

Which of these possibilities would be easier for you to accept and believe? That the story is incomplete? Or that the story is an Illusion?

I asked you… What if the Legend of Atlantis as we know it was intentionally implanted into the psyche of the Human Collective Consciousness?

How would that make you feel? Would it make you wonder Why and by Whom, and for what purpose?

Today, March 11, 2015, is the perfect day to share the information I had promised would be forthcoming surrounding these questions. Let me explain why.

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  1. Hmmm... this info just does not resonate. Nothing within it sparks any kind of recognition.